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Shop Mango on Zalora!

Monday, 16 February 2015

Do you know you can shop Mango women's online at Zalora? Anw some of you might know that I just started work not long ago. Hence girl here has only been doing work outfit shopping! There's just too much cotton tees, skirts and shorts in my wardrobe :/

Picked the following 6 outfits, which I think are work appropriate, on Mango at Zalora. I can dress smart casually to work so these 6 outfits are appropriate for me. Not sure if they will be appropriate for all though cause I know some work places have stricter outfit restrictions. But anyways, these outfits are suitable for weekend dates too!

P.S Good news to all of you! Mango is having a sale on Zalora! Lots of apparels are at 50% off! How can anyone miss this deal right?


Rhombus Openwork Dress 89.00SGD 44.50SGD

Belted Crepe Dress 89.00SGD 44.50SGD

Flared Shirt Dress 89.00SGD 40.10SGD

Crepe Skirt 59.00SGD

Houndstooth Dress 89.00SGD 44.50SGD

One-Piece Suit Monique 89.00SGD


Hurry and get your Mango apparels from Zalora :) Here's a 15% discount for all of you! Code: ZBAPvsR. Highlighting it in red so all of you will notice it! I got a friend who spent hundreds on Zalora and didn't know there was this 15% discount code -.- What a waste right? Btw you can also subscribe to their newsletter to get $10 off! Don't say I didn't share ok ;)

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