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Flowers Done! :)

Saturday 14 May 2011

Sorries all for the late post! On thursday I just came back home from hall. 
Was really tired after 4 consecutive days of sleeping for 4hours on average each day so I went to sleep after watching the tv. And yesterday, blogger was down the whole day! :( It's finally up!

Here's the post of the flowers as promised earlier!

All the stuffs I bought :) 
Collected on wednesday and i placed them in a pail of water to keep the flowers alive!

Wrapping papers :) Love the ones with mini beads and glitter on them!


Cotton Wool

And most importantly, the flowers! Carnation, Baby's Breath and Monstera leaves.

Also used aluminium foil. Didn't take photos of it. It's just the common aluminium foil you can find in the stores :)

Yes. That's me arrranging the flowers! Hair clipped up as I just came back to hall after an exam.

Still arranging the first bouquet...

The mess. It was worst at the end of it lols. This was only after arranging one bouquet.

Bouquet for mummy! ♥

Bouquet for grandma! ♥

Mini Baby's Breath bouquet :)

Mini bouquet for my friend's mum.

I find the price very reasonable. Got everything at $48+. Spent almost 3hours wrapping cause it was my first time wrapping a bouquet :)

Hope you all enjoyed reading this post! Any enquiries just drop me an email or a comment :)

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