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Happy Mother's Day! ♥

Sunday 8 May 2011

To all mothers - HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

I'm unable to celebrate mother's day for my grandma and mummy today as I'm having an exam tomorrow and I still have loads to study :( so I can't go out to buy stuffs for them. Only burn a 天下父母心 disc for them. It's their favourite taiwan drama :) I quite like that show too hahas. It can be a lil draggy though. So I always skip a few episodes here and there as my ah ma always watch it when I'm in hall. Then when I come back from hall I will just watch which ever episode its at. I spent a day last week or so searching for these songs one by one so that I can make them this disc :) Other than the disc... I planned a belated celebration on thursday! They didn't know. In the end, mummy bought a cake just now and ask me to give to ah ma! But still I will carry on with my plan and buy the flowers on thursday :)

Here's the cake mummy bought. I find the box very nice :)

Don't think they know about my blog yet. So I shall share my plan with you all here :) 

I'm gonna order 40 carnations with some other side flowers and wrap them by myself in 2 bouquets (each with 20 carnations, 10 pink and 10 red). These are what I found online: It is said that 10 flowers mean "You are perfect for me" plus they add up to 20 flowers which means "Love you forever". And as for the colours, red means "I love you" and pink means "admiration/thank you" :)

So the plan is to get these orders to my hall on thursday after my paper on that day. When daddy and mummy comes to fetch me home, mummy will get the surprise first. When I reach home, ah ma will get the surprise :)

Hopefully everything works out on thursday! :) I will blog on it on thursday. Keep a look out for the post! :)

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