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Home Sweet Home :)

Wednesday 18 May 2011

:) Moved out of hall today! Back at home already and slept from 5pm till 9pm then i woke up cause i didn't sleep last night ><

Here's the view from my room :)

Some photos of my room :)
my side of the room.

my favourite little twin stars :)

the 3 teddies on my table :)

my table. didn't really decorate the pin-up board.

the amount of things i packed! that was not all. still got alot more! :o

my card key

the keys for the windows and drawer

how i usually keep my keys :)

all cleared!

Back at home now :) Now my house got tons of stuff that I moved back from hall. All my clothes, pillows, notes, etc. I can't even fit all the clothes into my cupboard! I guess I bought too much clothes but I just can't stop buying nice clothings! :)

Can't wait to go shopping tomorrow!

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