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I Love My Uni Schoolmates! ♥

Tuesday 24 May 2011

I was so shocked I didn't know what to say to them!

We went to USS today and I didn't know they planned a surprise birthday celebration for me at night!

First We went to USS in the morning, met at 9.30am. My tutorial mate actually accidentally say something that he shouldn't lols. He jokingly gave me a discount card for USS food and say "your birthday present!". Then he also say he came to USS just for me and I still said "really?" lols. Cause actually he went to USS before le! But I thought he was just joking. Cause we always joke around like this!

Here's the entrance photo! :) Randomly taken.

And halfway through our rides/walk around USS, one OG mate said "when are the rest meeting us at vivo" and it made me wonder how come there are others! lols. then my best friend (who is the planner for this surprise) faster pull him away.

At the end of everything, my best friend told me that actually another OG mate also said something that he shouldn't say. But I didn't hear it. He said something like when are we meeting the rest/where are we celebrating her birthday. lols!

Then those who I didn't know were coming, who actually planned to meet us at night, were at vivo's sky park setting up the candles and they made it into a heart shape while I was with those who went to USS with me (sitting in food republic thinking that my my best gf was talking to her friends)! Then she came back and suddenly ask me to go and meet her "friends" and I was wondering why the rest came along too! When I reached there I was both touched by what they did for me. But paiseh as well lols cause they made me stand in the middle of the heart! They made a card for me too! But I left it in my bestie's bag :( Cause I brought a super small bag out today! Will get it from her either on tuesday/thursday! :)

But I really enjoyed myself today! ♥ 

Here are my presents! 
 That girl knew exactly what I wanted and picked this present for all of them to share as my bday present! (From my OG and tutorial friend!) She knew I wanted to buy a polaroid camera! :) Used up the 10 polaroids on the spot! :)

Earrings from my tutorial friend's gf! :) Super cute plus its dangling earrings! Love it alot!

It can be considered the first time I got a surprise birthday celebration and I'm super happy!
Just reached home and bathed and but I'm super tired after a whole day of fun and happiness!
I'm going to sleep now! :) But I might be too happy to sleep hahas!
Will do a photo post of the USS tomorrow. Maybe I will make it a few post as there are really a lot of photos!


Slimming Day 5
breakfast: one piece of bread
snack: 100plus and coke [battlestar rides made me have no appetite]
dinner: ajisen seafood ramen (half) + cold toufu (1/4)

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