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Monopoly Deal!

Sunday 28 August 2011

Had Hall 8 Monopoly Deal Competition on 220811! :)
Initially I didn't sign up. But after that they said they were short of ppl so fel and I joined in :)
It was all sheng ye's idea to work together and win the $50 voucher! Lols!
6 of us from K Clan played! :)
It was played in group of 5s.
Denise and Lynette on the one side.
Sheng Ye, Fel and I on another side.
So the three of us worked together and helped Sheng ye to the finals!
And second round Fel and Vanessa (who joined in the second round) helped me into the finals!
And on the other side denise got into the finals first, followed by lyn.

Then we went for block supper which was on the same day!
It was Canadian Pizza :)

After eating, it was the finals for mono deal! :)
And it was a K clan friendlies! hahahas!
Cause we already said that no matter who wins we will share the vouchers together :)

Then there was another competition after mono deal.
It was Boggle Slam.
We didnt even know how to play the game ok!
But we just joined them lols!
We just wanted to try our luck in getting another $50 =P
In the end still lose hahahas!
But it was fun :)
New game learnt!

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