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Steamboat! :)

Friday 19 August 2011

Tian Tian Huo Guo
(located right at the end of the street opposite bugis junction)
1st time there was with Kairos! :) (my batch's k clan name)
This is the second time I'm going there and it's with...
Keira! :) (our freshie batch's k clan name)

But I think they just raised the price. It's $19 per pax now. 
Remember the previous time we went it was $16 or so only :(
And the worst thing. I wasn't hungry at all. So I ate very little :(
Buffet type of meals are soooo not for me :(
Especially when i'm on a diet, my appetite shrinks.

And... CGL why first outing always there?!?
Need to be more creative ehh! =P

Our soup was pork rib soup.
And ahhhhh! see the oil! :(
All at one corner cause the table was slanted! :(
Super scary when the oil jumps cause it's one whole pool of oil there!
And yes! I'm super scared of oil jumping - reason why I don't fry stuff.

Cute pig/panda looking fishcake. lols.

Their buns, spring rolls and onion rings were not bad though.
The guys took 2 large plates of onion rings hahas!

Didn't take much photos. Cause I didn't bring my camera :(
After that we went to chill at Esplanade :)
But we didn't stay till too late.
Went home at around 11pm.

Next year's K clan dinner please be somewhere else!!
Don't always use the same place lehh =P

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