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Forest Adventure! :)

Friday 23 September 2011

Heard of forest adventure before?
Forest Adventure is an aerial course built through the trees comprising of:
ladders, bridges, swings, nets, trapezes and giant zip lines
It's located at Bedok Reservoir Park!

And that day when I went to mail out all the personalised accessories,
I saw their mobile course at White Sands Shopping Centre! :)
See that little boy very fast!
Catch up with the girl already.
That girl quite scared I think.
Cause the swinging thing that she in on will keep moving.

The full course from above :)

Nice deco :)

I went there before! :)
Long long ago,
On 23Dec2009!
Super long ago right?

That guy behind me (someone I don't know) very poor thing.
There is this part of the course where there is a easy and a hard route choice.
My ex (then bf) asked me to go for the hard route while his dad, bro and cousin went the easy one.
zzz. And I took super super long for the hard route.
And that guy behind me had to keep waiting for me =X

Eg. One of the hard section had the swinging course.
(Something like what the little girl did in the previous photo,
but this was a lot further apart!)
And cause my hand not long enough,
sometimes cannot grab the next swing to stand on :(

Ahhh bad landing :(

The scenery from above! :)

All these courses are actually very safe!
Everywhere you go, as long as you are above ground,
You will have to hook and secure your harness to the zip lines! :)
So even if you fall, you will be hanging in mid air :)
Then just slowly get back on course!

I think it's something fun that everyone should try!
I'm scared of heights too. But I was totally fine with this!
Maybe cause I know it's very safe :)
There is also a short tutorial there on land before you go for the actual course.
Will teach you how to hook and secure your locks to the zip line,
how to land for each flying fox, etc :)

Super fun and if you like flying fox, there is a total of 4 flying fox throughout the whole course!
To bring you from one part of the park to another! :)
So you will be "flying" above the reservoir! :)
Fun right?
Go try it out with your family and friends! :)


Those who follow me on facebook and twitter would know that I'm joining a contest now :)
It's Star Cruise contest :) I'm hoping to win it for my family.
We haven't gone on a trip together for a very long time already.
Problem is my family has 7 people while the contest is for 6 people.
But oh wells, can always pay for extra tickets after that! :)
So everyone please help!
Vote for me here: http://bit.ly/oHRT3z
You can vote once everyday from now till 18Nov. 
So whenever you are free, please pop by and help vote.
You will get vouchers for voting too :)

You can vote for more than one group each day.
So you can vote for yourself or your friends and vote for me at the same time :)
Leave me a PM on facebook after that with your link and I will vote for you too!

Points to take note:
1) For first time voters, when you click on the link, it should lead you to a page to accept permission for sending you email (cause they will be sending you vouchers) :) Make sure when you click vote, there is a white button popping up and the voting count will increase. That is when the vote has been sent in! :)

2) For second time voters, if you cannot vote each day, just refresh the page, wait for it to finish loading then copy and paste my link to the address bar and enter. Then you should be able to vote already :) And also make sure when you click vote, there is a white button popping up and the voting count will increase. That is when the vote has been sent in! :) 

Thank you all! ♥
Your help is greatly appreciated by my family and I.

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