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Teo Heng @ NTU Alumni! :)

Friday 9 September 2011

Travelled to Buona Vista from hall to meet my engineering friends 
for Teo Heng at NTU alumni on 1sept! :)
Teo Heng is one of the cheapest place to sing k!!
Last time they only used to have an outlet in Katong.

Actually I don't really know how to NTU Alumni.
Only went there once during a camp.
Plus that trip there was led by a senior and I just follow =X
But I could see the building from far far away! :)
So I just kept walking towards that direction and reached One-North Park first!

See! The building!
So near yet so far~

Some random solar system board I saw in the park :)

Ahhhhh~ A flight of stairs!

More sceneries of the park I took while climbing the stairs!

Here is the place I came during camp!
But during camp I didn't walk from this park route though.
We came from the other side o.o
No idea why. That time we took train too ehh!

Finally the scene from the building!
It's all the way up on the hill!
Nanyang loves hills!
See NTU! All hills too! :(

Then I have no idea of where to go and decided to walk down this flight of stairs 
to enter the inside of the building.

Then I found the lift.
And yay! Line 5: Teo Heng KTV!

Inside the lift! :)

When I reached there, my friends weren't there yet! :(
See the Teo Heng sign so big there.
The moment you exit the lift,
you will sure know which direction to go.

On the right hand side of the lift is The Tanjong.
Some dinning area.

Had to find a place to sit and wait for my friends!
Bag super heavy :(
So I came to this "sky garden-ish" place :)

See so many things in the bag!
Think its heavy cause my bottle is fully filled and my laptop and everything is in my bag.
See the This Fashion bag?
It's all my dirty clothes inside =X
I always bring it home to wash.
Grandma keep saying that the hall washing machine sure not clean one.
But everyone are using it and its perfectly fine lehh!
Normally I won't have any problems bringing everything home as daddy will come to hall to fetch me.
But this time round because I want to sing k,
I had to bring all these out too cause daddy will pick me up straight at NTU alumni.

My nails! Still surviving at that point of time!
This time it lasted me two weeks :)

Finally my friends were here and we entered Teo Heng!

Sing Sing and Sing! :)
But I couldn't sing that properly that day though.
Was having a little bit of a flu and sore throat already :(
But oh wells! At least I get to sing! :)
So long didn't sing k le!

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