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UOC Bash! :)

Sunday 11 September 2011

If you all had followed my earlier post,
you would have know that I went for the UOC Bash 2011 at...


It started with the individual walk in casual wear!
Couldn't find any photos though :(

Then there was some games in-between and it was...

Beachwear time!
The girls dancing to SNSD's Mr.Taxi!

The guys dancing to Super Junior's Mr.Simple!

Slow walk and Q&A! :)

The final walk!
All the pageant people! :)

Guest Performance!
There was a performance by one of our local singers - Vanessa Faith :)


Prize giving ceremony!
Hollyhoque's Sheila was there! :)

Here is the King and the Queen!

All the pageant people! :)

The ticket!
Went home then took a photo of it hehex.
Cause the moment I got it from my friend,
I queued to get into the venue and immediately left the ticket in my bag.
Then left the bag at the bag counter cause my friend rented a locker there.

Then here comes the problem...

When I dump my tickets and the free gifts they gave me into my bag,

I put this ticket into my bag too!
Totally forgot about the complimentary drink!!
Arghhh! :(
But it's ok! I enjoyed myself at the event!
Was cheering for our freshie who was in the pageant! :)

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