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SNSD The Boys :)

Saturday 22 October 2011

SNSD's The Boys MV and full album was released a few days ago! :)
Those who added me on facebook would have seen me posting the MV on the day of its released :)

01. The Boys
02. Telepathy
03. Say Yes
04. Trick
05. How Great is Your Love
06. My J
07. Oscar
08. Top Secret
09. Lazy Girl
10. Sunflower
11. Vitamin
12. Mr. Taxi (Korean Ver.)
13. The Boys (Eng Ver.)

Here are some of the album photos! :)

The Boys MV in korean! :)

The Boys MV in english! :)

Another nice song in the album would be How Great is Your Love :)

So how do you all find this SNSD comeback album?
Great right? :)

What's more?
The Boys is now on Tap Sonic - Rhythm Action! :)
The good thing?
It is a FREE app! :)

Here is a screenshot taken from apple's site :)

I've installed the game and tried it on my itouch! :)
It has a very DJ Max (a PSP music game) feel.
Tried playing SNSD The Boys and it was fun!
Probably cause I love playing these music key games :)
Used to play auditionSEA alot, then played DJ Max alot too.
And I've got some other tap tap games on my phone.
And now a new tap game for me to play! :)

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