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Super Old Blog!

Wednesday 26 October 2011

I visited my super old blog yesterday! :)
It's first post was in october 2006 and last post april 2009! hahas!

Guess what I found on my blog?
My 3/8 Class photo!

I think I edited this photo then. lols.
At that time I just started using photoshop,
so I was playing around with the brushes :)

It's mostly things done with my 3/8 class on that blog.
(cause I was sec 3 when i started blogging)

When our class (4/8) won overall cross country country for our level! :)
Taken on: 10 March 2007 :)

Some of the girls :)
Hwai Shin, Qian Hui, Joelle, Yan Ting, Bi Xuan and I :)
Taken on: 12 June 2007 @ Sci Center
4/8 and 4/7 went there for a bio practical on DNA and bacteria :)

Read what I typed in the past and realised I used to type me/my as mii and first as fers =X
Lots of memories on that blog!
Happy memories with my lovely 3/8 class which then became 4/8.
But also somethings which I wish to forget and have already forgotten.

But I really miss some of my friends!
Use to talk to some of them on msn in the last year.
But haven't really had time to talk to them recently :(
We must find time to meet up during the holidays! :)

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