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11 Things About Me!

Friday 11 November 2011

It's 11/11/11 11:11 now! :)

Let me share 11 things about myself in this post! :)

1. My name given by my parents is Tan Hui Ping. Katelyn is a name that I named myself :)
But I'm already used to people calling me Katelyn online :)

2. My birthday is on 31st May!

3. I have a large family! Consisting of 7 people.
My Grandpa, Grandma, Daddy, Mummy, 2 younger sisters and myself :)

4. After blogging for more than half a year,
I've posted group photos with myself in it but never really said which one I was.
So this post will be full of MY photos :)
* I'm not going to hide myself anymore! *

5. I'm currently in NTU Electrical and Electronic Engineering Year 2!
* Yes I always clip up my fringe when in school, very irritating to study with fringe down *

6. I got my driving license on 10th June 2011
(my sister's bday!)

7. I've been in musical related CCA ever since primary 3!
Primary: 3-6 Guzheng
Secondary: 1-4 Choir
JC: Choir
I even joined Choir in hall! :)

8. I've always wanted to learn singing!
Got my engineering clique to jio for singing sessions usually :)
And I still remember when I was very very young, I wanted to be a singer! ;)

9. I love buying heels! But I seldom get to wear them :( And I do alot of online shopping! :)
I feel that sometimes I can go out for the whole day and not buy anything that I like.
But when it comes to online shopping, in an hour, I can find so many things that I want to buy! 

10. The first time I went to USS was a surprise birthday celebration for me! :)

11. I can stay at home the whole day just using laptop to surf the net and compose blog posts!
It makes me happy when I know that there are actually people reading my blog, makes the time spent on blogging worthwhile :)

Hope all wishes will come true! ♥

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