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Tuesday 8 November 2011

Went to Bugis with mummy and daddy :)

daddy drove :)
so i was sitting at the back passenger seat alone.
both my sisters did not come along.
familiar rainbow colour you saw in an earlier post? :)


Crowded bugis area outside OG!

Honeydew icecream! :)
Bought it from one of the icecream stalls outside OG.

First we went to bugis street to find dinner wear for mummy.

Bought a chinese burger from this stall!

It taste like a meat bun and it's super nice!
The meat don't taste oily or fatty at all :)
If you pass by that shop in bugis street you should try it out :)
It's only $2.50 each!

On our way home, daddy wanted to go to his workplace.
So he dropped mummy and I off at expo to wait for him.
And we went to metro sales :)
Hmmm but there wasn't anything nice to buy there :(
So we went out empty handed.

Outfit of the Day
Rainbow Cardigan: The Closet Lover
(love this cardigan - brightens up my usual black and white combi)
Tank top: Taiwan
Shorts: Cotton On
Wristlet: Coach

Sorry the background abit messy :(
Placed quite abit of stuffs there lately.
Must find time to clean up!

So happy today cause I get to go shopping :)
At least go out walk walk.
Been so busy in school lately :(
Hope you all have a great long weekend too! 


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