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Bak Chor Mee!

Sunday 4 December 2011

Ordered Bak Chor Mee from NTU Superclub :)

It's super nice!
From the famous Bedok 85 stall!
* This post is lagging by alot alot! I ate this afew weeks ago lols *

Everything placed in a plastic bowl when passed to us :)
And it was still super hot!
Probably cause they started giving out from my hall :)

The soup.

The mee.

Everything! :)
Very nice of them to separate the mee and the soup!

After pouring everything into the bowl!
There was alot of minced meat :)

And meatballs!

Super yummy! :)

Going to go to the stall one day!
They say it's even nicer to eat there!


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