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IKEA with Family :)

Wednesday 14 December 2011

Went out with my family! :)
Shopping for new furniture!
Planning to revamp my room! :)

Speaking of shopping,
do you know that both Citibank and MasterCard are having giveaways this christmas?
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You may stand a chance to win $1000 worth of vouchers!
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Hope you all can win something from them too! :)

Now back to my shopping trip!
First up was to find beds! :)
We saw this and was planning to get this!
Cause there are storage drawers!
And this bed looks like my hall bed lols!

My sisters and I love this showroom!

Love the makeup area!!

The mirror that I wanted! 
But my cupboard already has one built in one :(
And yes I didn't dress up that day.
Just a tee and a skirt.

One of the tables we wanted :)

Another table! :)
From the same series.

And matching drawers from that series.
Got the same colour one.
But can't I didn't take photo of that set.
And that's my mummy's hand :)

After shopping. we didn't buy anything yet.
Cause we wanted to think about it first :)

Then it's food time! :)

IKEA Soft icecream :)

IKEA Hotdog bun :)

And that is the end of our IKEA trip :)

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