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Maybelline Contest Winners

Sunday 11 December 2011

Here's what you all have been waiting for!
The Maybelline Giveaway Winners list! :)

I've doubled checked and everyone did tag both accounts :)
(not sure why didn't appear on my wall though)
Nonetheless, everyone has equal chances!

So I used random.org to generate randomize the list.
The top 8 will be the winner :)

So the winners are:
Jennifer Lim
Betty New Shi Jie
Mak Mei Xin Eileen
Gina Toh
Jasmin Lim
Adeline Chua
Cherie Lim
Nicole Kim

Congrats to the winners :)
Mass meetup will be arranged tentatively on 21December2011
at Raffles City Shopping Center Starbucks (the one at city hall mrt)
An email will be sent to you nearer the date to confirm the date and time.

Even if you are unable to attend the mass meetup for prize collection,
please send someone else to come on your behalf (but do inform me about it when I email you all).
No additional mass meetups will be arranged.


  1. how to get sponsored ?:)

  2. it depends on the companies :)
    some sponsor in terms of money and some in terms of items.