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Ying Hou's Wedding! :)

Monday 19 December 2011

Attended the first wedding on my own!
In the past it was always weddings with my family members,
cause it is always some relative getting married.
And now, I'm old enough to have friends who are getting married!
* Oh no! I'm old already :( *

Okays but this is an ex-colleague's wedding.
Not someone of the same age as me - I'm 20 :)
Work in Medtronic before the start of University and made friends with these lovely colleagues! :)

The wedding was at Sheraton Hotel!
It was a lunch banquet :)
Where I had my TJC Prom 2 years ago!
It was a dinner banquet then.

Christmas decorations at the hotel lobby :)
Was waiting for my other ex-colleagues to come :)

Only realised that day that Sheraton has a manmade waterfall!
Didn't take notice of it 2 years ago =X
Or was it new? =P

Photo with the groom and the rest! :)
Photo taken using serene's camera - took from her facebook =P
Some of the photos which you will be seeing later were taken by her.
Cause in there was low lighting in the venue.
Low lighting + zoom in = lousy quality on my camera :(

Some of the indoor decorations!
Love the lightings and the birdcage decos :)
We sat at table 15 :)

The table setting and the gift :)
I think it's a shot glass :)

Some group shots from serene's camera :)
Took from facebook again lols!

Our paparazzi of the day - Serene! :)

The couple's 2nd entrance! :)
Took this photo from facebook again lols!

Hope this couple will always be so loving, be together forever and have lots and lots of kids! :)

Now for the food! :)
The menu for the day!

1. Deluxe Hors d Oeuvre
(Combination of Suckling Pig, Mini Octopus, Vegetarian Goose 
and Drunken Chicken, garnished with Jellyfish)
Basically it's the "cold dish" or what chinese call "冷盘" :)
My ex-colleagues love the drunken chicken.
I like the mini octopus and suckling pig :)

2. Thick Soup of Abalone, Sea Cucumber, Fish Maw and Dried Scallops
Initially it came in a big bowl. Then they served it into the smaller bowls :)
Only knew there were lots of mushroom inside and taste so-so only =X

3. Steamed Canadian Cod with Garlic and Spring Onion Sauce
I love this!
So did my ex-colleagues!
It was one huge plate which was then served into smaller plates for us :)
The fish is super fresh and sweet! :)
Those who don't like garlic and spring onion (like me) need not worry!
The taste wasn't that strong :)

4. Sauteed Fresh Scallops with Snow Pea, Lotus Root 
and Chinese Celery with Spicy Sauce / Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab
The waitress serving it into smaller plates :)
Love the scallops and soft shell crab here!!
The scallops were really sweet :)
Although the soft shell crab wasn't that deep fried - not crispy. But still acceptable.
I love snow peas! (didn't know that was it's name but love it since young) :)
And lucky me! I don't remember getting any chinese celery. I don't like celery! =P
Had a lotus root but it was not bad. Soft soft one. Don't taste weird at all.
(I didn't eat lotus root before hahahas!)

5. Roast Pi Pa Duck
Same thing one huge duck being served into smaller plates.
Taste not bad :) Like the sauce a lot :)

6. Stewed Winter Melon with Assorted Fungus and Mushrooms, 
topped with Carrot Sauce
Same thing one large plate served into smaller plates.
BUT this dish has everything that I don't like! (except the mushrooms and broccoli)
Didn't like the sauce too. Maybe cause it's carrot sauce and I don't like carrots?
And maybe also cause it was rather very bland :(
And I've never once liked fungus.
Not sure if I ate winter melon before but I really don't like this winter melon :(
They cook till it was super soft.

7. Fish Noodles with Prawns "Japanese Style"
Same thing one large bowl and served into smaller bowls.
Hmm found this noodles okok only :(
Maybe cause I was already too full?

8. Sweetened Water Chestnut Cream with Egg,
served cold
Same thing one large bowl served into smaller bowls.
Hmm I didn't like this too.
It taste rather weird =X
Wasn't really cold too.
Or maybe cause I drank too much cold drinks before that?
But when I ate it, I totally didn't know what I was eating.
Only knew there were water chestnuts inside.
But I wasn't the only one who didn't like this.
My ex-colleagues didn't like this too :(

Overall I found the food not bad! Especially the dishes 1, 3, 4, 5 :)
So if you are holding a banquet there you can try having these dishes too! :)
At  least the food taste better than the ones I had for prom! =P
Which means they have improved right?

A random photo I took halfway through the meal :)
I like this photo a lot. Think that it's really nice :)
But sis says it's a messy photo :(

After the banquet we each went our own ways.
Cause we were all going in different directions and some of them drove.
I was planning to go to my wai gong and wai po's (maternal grandparents) house.
So I went to Novena MRT Station to take a train :)

Managed to take a photo before the train came :)

Outfit of the Day
Blazer: Forever 21
Blue Dress: Self-manufactured
Belt: Hollyhoque
Heels: Metro City Square Mall

Daddy and Mummy were waiting at Khatib MRT Station to pick me up 
so I need to take a bus there :)

Shall end of this post with a photo taken at my maternal grandparent's house
using iphone's pudding camera. Shan't expand it cause it's already very pixelated :(
Used Iphone 4S. By right even the front camera is very clear.
I think it's the problem with the pudding camera app :(
But I like this photo :)

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