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Crazy Lab Rush!

Monday 30 January 2012

Third day of school and it was our first DIP lab!
But I forgot to bring my flats to hall :(
And we had to wear cover shoes to enter labs.

So this vain girl here was unwilling to wear her running shoes with what she usually wears to school.
And decided to use to 2 hours of break (before lab) to shop with Joy at Jurong Point!

We were shopping for clothes and shoes at the same time.
Joy didn't buy anything.
But I managed to get a top :)
And I saw a pair of flats at Anna Nucci which I thought was not bad.
But decided to go to other shops to see if there were nicer ones.

But end up I couldn't find any nicer ones and we went to have a quick lunch first.
We each had a bowl of sliced fish mee sua :)

Our candid photos!
I kept checking the time cause I was scared we will end up late :(

After eating, I rushed down to Anna Nucci to get the flats!
Ribbon flats :)

Flats bought! :)
Then I went to meet Joy at the interchange.

We realised we had only half an hour left.
We still had to go back to my hall to get our bags and take a bus to the lab.

We've decided that I should change my shoes on the bus!
Unglam max! But no choice :(

We managed to rush to lab just on time!
And... found out that our prof wasn't coming!!
So we rushed for nothing :( 

Joy and I were with Chor Seng in one mini group.
And we had to do the LDR relay circuit.
We were patching the circuit that day.
And yay it worked! :)

Love my new flats. But it "bit" me that day :(
Prolly cause it's new and I was running around in it.

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