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Frolick Quickie

Monday 6 February 2012

Went out with mummy.
It was really hot that day!
So to keep us cool yet healthy,
we decided to have some Frolick Yogurt Ice-Cream! :)

Why Frolick Yogurt Ice-Cream?
Cause it's 100% fat-free!

The nutrition fact list taken off Frolick's website :)

The different cup sizes available!

Here is the pricelist taken off Frolick's website :)
10% off for students on weekdays before 6pm*
* Terms and Conditions apply

The wide selection of toppings available!

We decided to each have a cup of Quickie!
There was two flavours available at Tampines One that day - Original and Peach.
So we had a cup of each flavour and shared :)

Original flavour

Peach flavour

Feeling very warm now and want to get yourself some cooling yet healthy ice-cream?
Check out a Frolick shop near you!

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