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Grandma's 70th Birthday! :)

Friday 3 February 2012

Grandma's 70th Birthday Celebration! :)
Our whole family went out to have dinner at a zichar stall.

Pasir Ris Seafood Kitchen!
Been buying food from this stall for a long long time!
Love their chili crab with bread!
Didn't order it this time though.
Cause grandma can't take food with tomato in it.

The menu! :)
Prices are very affordable and reasonable plus it's nice! :)

Everyone took a look at the menu to see what we wanted to eat :)

Look at the trees! So many pineapples hanging on it!

Ordered our drinks and waited for the food to arrive.

We reached there rather early - at around 6pm.
(Must go there early! Any later there will be no more seats!)

Cause we were early and there were not many people there yet, the food were served really quickly.

1. Longevity Noodles
This is so-so only.
Prefer the restaurant orange colour ones.
Usually we buy Hor Fun and Yee Mee from this stall.
Love their Yee Mee :)

2. Cereal Prawns
Sister's favourite!
Their prawns are really huge and fresh :)

3. Black Pepper Crab
Super big and fleshy crab!
We ordered 2 and it's $77.
Quite reasonable :)
It very sweet and yummy!
Another of sister's fav hahas.
She loves prawns and crabs.

4. Crispy Baby Squid
It's not bad.
So crispy till I don't know what I'm eating.
Usually for squids I don't dare eat the head.
(Cause I know there are eyes there!)
But this was so cripsy and the sauce was thick so I no longer knew what I took.
And dared to eat (even if I ate the heads) =P

5. Thai Chicken (I think)
It's just fried chicken.
The first piece I ate had no bone.
So I happily at the second piece and...
there was a bone there :(

6. Baby "Kai Lan"
I don't recall eating this lols!

7. Yam Ring
My family love this.
But I seldom eat yam.
So I didn't try the yam ring.
But I ate the meat inside.
It was not bad :)

See everything was served by the time I finish serving my family the noodles!
Fast right?
We finished eating by 7+pm and the place was crowded already!
This shows how popular they are!
Nice + cheap neighborhood zi char.

Then aunt bought a cake over too :)
And that was our simple birthday celebration for grandma! :)

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