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Sakae Sushi Yusheng

Saturday 18 February 2012

Chinese New Year Chu 7 is 人日 :)
Which means it's everyone's birthday.
And I think its a tradition to Lou Hei on that day.

Mummy and I went to Sakae to collect while daddy waited in the car.

So many bags on the table!

Saw ours ;)
Cause we've already paid for it afew days ago.
So we could collect it straight away.

Collected our bag of Yusheng!
They've changed this year.
Is the past they just gave the paper box.
This time they put everything in a recycling bag!
So it's much more convenient and easier to hold :)

Stuffs in the bag :)

Lou Hei when we reached home :)

There's even jellyfish in it!

And their honey syrup is in a cute bottle :)

Removed the box and added the ingredients one by one while saying all the auspicious words :)

All 7 of us! :)
We added another 2 packets of biscuit that we bought separately :)
And we also added abalone in it!

Lou Hei!

Taking the full abalone ;)

Was feeling super full after that hahas!
Ate alot of the biscuit :)

So that was all for our lou hei :)

Ending this post with something random!
See pockets of light in the sky?
Took this opposite my block :)
Thought it was really cool.
But sis says its very common in USA.
I'm looking forward to my trip to USA! :)

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