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A Super Crowded Bugis

Sunday 4 March 2012

Went to Bugis with daddy and mummy after school on Friday!
Daddy and mummy were there to 请 a new ang pao.
Not sure what it really meant though.
It's an ang pao from the temple and they do that every year.
So it's like they get a new one and burn the old one.

And while walking to the temple...

I saw roasted chestnuts! loves! hahas.
This is what I call the atas roasted chestnut.
Cause it comes packed neatly with a handle
and a plastic thing to crack the nut too.

Everyone lighting their joss sticks!

Huge joss sticks!
No idea why but most people were using the huge ones.

Look at the crowd! OMG!
And I was stuck inbetween!
They make arrangements for the old, kids the disabled to cut queues though.
Quite thoughtful of them :)

It's scary not knowing when one of these joss sticks might burn you :(
Daddy was behind me and kept keeping a look out for me while
mummy was infront leading me. Very much protected by my parents ♥

It was scarier in the temple!
Everyone trying to place their joss sticks.
Girl here was scared of the ashes of the joss sticks, didn't want them to drop and burn me.
So I patiently waited for the people there to clear the joss sticks before I placed mine :(
And after placing the joss stick, I was stuck!
Everyone was so close to me and didn't want to give way. So I couldn't walk out :(
Luckily daddy was nearby so he came and led me into the temple.
(Those who went there before will know, the place joss stick place is at the front door of the temple 
and after praying, usually people will go into the temple itself)

And after everything, we left the temple and...

It was still this crowded outside!
It seems like the queue is never ending!
Heard from daddy and mummy that the queue will get even longer at a later timing!

And before going home,
I had my favourite honey dew ice cream! :)

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