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Monday 16 April 2012

Sharing something with you all today!


What is Gushcloud?
In early 2011, Vincent and Althea needed to broadcast a video done for a notable public figure to as many young people as possible within a day. Overnight, they mobilized thousands of young people to share that video through word-of-mouth, young influencers on social media, a lot of phone calls and a ton of text messages. More than 8,000 people saw that video that night. That set them thinking, “what if we could create a place where mobilizing thousands of people to share that video could be done in a matter of clicks?” The idea for Gushcloud was hatched that night.

Almost every business and organization on the planet faces the same general marketing need: “How do I get X number people to do Y for my business/organization?” Gushcloud was built for every business’s digital marketing needs. Gushcloud is the world’s first crowdsourced marketing platform and it aims to be really good at helping businesses everywhere mobilize their target audience towards whatever marketing action.

To shop owners/companies: Gushcloud is a place for you to reach out to more people. When I say more, it's really alot more! Gushcloud currently have close to 50,000members. So everytime you post a cloud, 32303666people will actually see it (and this is not counting the number of friends they have!) Why do I talk about the number of friends they have? Cause these members will actually post the clouds on their walls and people can actually see it!

To others/members of Gushcloud: It's a way for you to earn money!

It's real! I've just cashed out recently from Gushcloud :)

And they made the transfer really quickly! :)
Not alot. Just $20.93USD. Cause I just joined Gushcloud awhile ago.
And $1USD gone due to transaction fees cos 0.05% transaction fee!
But at least I can really withdraw out my earning! :)

Also, not everything is paid by GC$ there!
Some is by Karma points (KP) :)
You can use the KP to exchange for items!
examples of stuffs you can exchange there.
there are a few others to choose from and it includes new iPads!

Interested? Head over to Gushcloud now! 
All you need is to create an account (sign in using facebook or twitter) and start using now! :)


  1. Hello, i would like to ask wether can the money be sent via bank transfer for CIMB Bank Malaysia? why it is stated location of bank is Singapore?

    if i proceed the withdrawal, do i get teh money in my CIMB Bank account saving?

  2. Hellos :) actually I'm not working under gushcloud so I'm not very sure about transfers to Malaysia banks. I would suggest you write in to gushcloud's help desk :) they will be able to answer your question better :)