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Lyn's 21st Birthday

Sunday 8 April 2012

Went out with my hall friends on a Thursday night to celebrate lyn's birthday.
It was a super belated birthday celebration (so no cakes).

We were planning to try out Ah Loy Thai at Shaw Towers and guess what happened there?
When we just entered Shaw Towers an Indian stranger suddenly stopped infront of us and said he's lost.
All of us where stunt cause we felt weird. And our dear kind wanling asked him where he wanted to go.
And he said something like "I will follow wherever you are going"! 
And he kept following us closely! All of us freaked out!

Still in our state of shock, we brisk walked to Ah Loy Thai (he was still following us) and luckily that area was very crowded and he decided to just walk away.
Ah Loi Thai!
Read a number of good recommendations online so we decided to try the food there.
We reached at 8pm and guess what was the second thing that happened?
They told us that most of the food was sold out! :(
So people if you all want to try the food there, do go early!

So we decided to have ice cream at Tom's Palette (right opp. Ah Loi Thai) first then dinner. 
Cause after dinner we might not be coming back to this building.
This was only two third of the flavours available!
There was another section inside the shop!

And the best thing?

They had student offer! 10% off :)
Just show your student card from the institutions stated in the photo above ;)

Our ice cream :)

I had Mango and Granny's Favourite :)
Yummy ice cream!

Then I recommended we settle our dinner at Shokudo :)
Went there once, around three years ago and loved their curry rice!

Ordering our food :)

Photos when the food came :)

Our yummy food! :)
4 of us ordered the curry rice and lyn ordered pizza :)
We all love the egg that's on the rice!
And btw, the serving is super large!
Denise wanted to order a pizza to share. Luckily I stopped her.
The last time I went there I had someone finish my food for me too.

My meal for the day!
Item 702 (Grilled Chicken Curry Omu Rice)
Decided to try this cause I had Item 703 (Tonkatsu Curry Omu Rice) before.
And this is just as nice! :) The rest agreed that the curry rice was nice too! Especially the egg! :)
But the curry were a lil too salty :( It wasn't this salty when I came here 3 year ago...

The birthday girl with her present :)

Random photo hahas.
Cause we wanted to take a polaroid photo.
So we randomly got people to help us take photo using the polaroid and also using my camera.

It was a bridal gallery! hahahas! We were there at like 10+ at night!
So no one was there and we just made use of one of their decorated pillars to take photo ;)

Polaroid we took there :)

Outfit of The Day
Top: NTU Bazaar
Shorts: Jurong Point
Cardigan: Cotton On

That's all for that day. 
Other than the scary incident at Shaw Tower, the whole day was really fun!
And Wanling was super entertaining that day too hahahas.

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