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[Review] April Bellabox

Saturday 5 May 2012

April's Bellabox!
Received it quite long ago.
But didn't have the time to blog as it was my exam period.
And... I bought this box! This is not a sponsored post.
So I will just be sharing the photos of what's in the box.
Won't be trying out the products yet.

Opening of the box!

April's box is about flawless beauty.

There was even tips to help achieve flawless beauty.

As usual, the neatly packed bellabox!
This month's one was actually quite heavy!

All the items in the box!
It's heavy due to the collagen drink bottles!

I bought april's bellabox hoping that I could get Laurier Mercier or Benefit products as they advertised.
But... I didn't get any. Due to their limited samples :(
Oh wells. This is the disadvantage of buying such boxes. You can't choose what you get.
But still... It's quite worth it. Cause of the China Glaze Nail Polish! :)
At least it's something that I know I will use (though I've got many nail polishes at home)
But $15 for a nail polish + other products is really worth it :)

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