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Positively Teal Bloggers Event

Wednesday 20 June 2012

This was supposed to be up long long ago!
Didn't have the time to organise everything.

Attended Positively Teal thanks to Jingru for bringing me along :)
The colour for ovarian cancer awareness is teal!
Thus this whole post will be teal in colour!

Polaroid with Jingru :)

Some photos taken at the event.
All the hosts were dressed in Teal!

We were given teal coloured flower bands :)

Learnt alot about ovarian cancer during that event. 

The diagnosis may be difficult. 
However, the following symptoms and signs may be present: 
 Feeling of discomfort, bloated feeling in the abdomen 
Change in bowel habits 
Flatulence & indigestion 
Symptoms related to the kidney or bladder 
Abnormal vaginal bleeding 
Pain in the abdomen 
Enlarged abdomen from the tumour, and 
Loss of weight or appetite 
Backache or pain in the legs 
Urinary complaints

Until there's a test, awareness is best!

Food we had that day!

And the main thing!
Teal Macarons by Canelé!
Specially to help raise funds for ovarian cancer patients.

I took the chocolate cupcake!
It's super yummy! Dark chocolate :)

Here's how the inside of the macaron looks like.
Like this macaron alot. Not too sweet! :)

There were mini games for us too.
What I want in Life.
And... The host started picking people to ask what they wrote!
And I got asked by him! Ahhh!

A teal pin I got for answering what I want in life.

What I won in the lucky draw ;)


Want to do charity while shopping? Sign up at KissJane.com! KissJane will donate $1 to Singapore Cancer Society for every member registered between 21st May 2012 - 21st June 2012! What's more? Here's a 10% Discount code for you: t3aL10F16 valid between 21st May 2012 - 21st June 2012.

That's all! :)

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