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What I've Been Up to These Few Days!

Tuesday 5 June 2012

Haven't been blogging for afew days :(
But... I'm in New York!! :)
That explains why I haven't been blogging.
No time to blog! 2nd day in New York.
Was at the whole time square area today.

Doubt I will have the time to blog these few days.
So follow my twitter and instagram to know what I'm doing! hahas.
both nicknames are tanhuiping
Here are some of the instagrams I took yesterday and today :)

Our room in Brooklyn! :)

Scenery from our bedroom :)

Us prepared for our Day2 in New York! :)
Btw, we were all in 3 layers clothing here!
One tank top and two cardigans!
Ir's super super cold here. Quite nice.
But when there is strong wind, it's crazy!

New York Ave 8. Can't remember which street exactly it was.

Resting in Starbucks and planning our itinerary for the next 3 days.
P.S. There are Starbucks everywhere!

One of the subway stations in New York! :)

Near Times Square! Madame Tussauds.
Didn't enter today. Will be going there again :)

Will try to find time to blog again!
Maybe tomorrow night. Too tired tonight.
Still got to go QC the photos taken and upload on fb!

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