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Saturday 21 July 2012

A 21st birthday celebration with my hall friends! :)
We had lunch at Lenas!
Never been there before but some of them recommended that place so we went to give it a try.

The menu! Of course they had other food too lols!
I wonder why I only took photos of the pasta on the menu.
But I did order pasta =P

Mine! Mixed Seafood Pasta!
Think it's just normal only though.
Should have tried the other one that my friend said was nice!

Photo with Cheryl!
This freshie whom I got to know in Insinyur and later became in the same hall as me!
And she's like the squatter of Fel and my room lols! Can always find her in our room one.

GK and I with the Birthday Cake they bought for us :)
Cause GK and I are both born in May so our birthdays are always celebrated together.
Last year our birthday was celebrated together too and I did blog about it =P

A group shot! Without Pris and Wanling cause they were both busy that day.
And Desmond (Denise Bf) took this photo for us! :)

Cutting the cake and...
the cake was super hard! lols!
It's a brownie cake from Polar Puff.
Cause they wanted to get something special!
Last year an ice cream cake, this year a brownie cake :)

Some photos taken at the restaurant :)

Saw the MIB deco and we started taking photos with it lols!


My birthday present from Sephora!

Happy girl with her birthday present!
Initially I was wondering why they knew what I wanted.
Then I remember I blogged about so little money, so much to buy.
And Fel and Cheryl knew my blog link! So either of them must have read it.
Really thankful to have such lovely friends :)
Enjoyed myself alot that day!

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