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3D2N Star Cruises Virgo Malacca/Port Klang Trip

Sunday 26 August 2012

Star Cruises 2-nights Malacca/Port Klang trip!

This post will be super photo intensive lols!
You have been warned! =P

Yours truly with all the bags! One for each of us ;)
So 6 in total! Grandma, Daddy, Mummy, 2 Sisters and I!
Grandpa didn't want to go. He keep insisting that he will get seasick!

Passport! Need your passport to go onboard! 
They will collect it from you and return at the end of the trip.
I did city check in instead of check in at harbor front.
And thank god I did! The check in queue at harbor front was super long!

Yay! Balcony Class! :)
What I won was 3 x Oceanview Stateroom.
But I paid extras to get upgraded it to 2 x Balcony Rooms :)
A lil treat for my family and I want them to really enjoy themselves.
So I would get the better one if possible :)

Day 1

Welcome drink for each of us.

The rooms! I requested for connected rooms and it was nice of Star Cruises to arrange it for me :)

The lobby! And you see the korean banner there?
It so happened that the trip I was on was some korean event trip or something like that.
There were lots of koreans on that trip.
The staffs there even thought I was korean and said annyeong haseyo to me lols!

First meal was supper at The Pavilion Restaurant!
It was 10+pm by the time we settled down.

Photos with the three golden horses at the lobby :)

More photos onboard the cruise and that was very much what we did for the first night!

Day 2

Breakfast at Mediterranean Buffet :)
We woke up very very early cause we thought it will stop at KL in the morning!
But in the end we then realised that they were gonna bypass KL due to some issues :(
They did announce it but we didn't hear it :( But oh wells at least it's more time spent awake!

Grandma wanted to go back to the room to get something so daddy accompanied her.
The four of us went around to take more photos! :)
The last one is sis trying to photobomb mummy. lols.

Went to explore around too.
Indoor Jacuzzi and Gym
Library (not opened cause too early)
Captain Bridge

And we saw this!
Remember me posting a photo of it last time here?
The second time I went to the office for city check in it was no longer there.
Now I know the reason why - it was shifted onboard! :)

And we explored the casino! hahahas!
Actually not the real casino (this is just the lounge) we did go to the real casino after that.
But no photos allowed!

Photos by the pool!
We don't swim one. So didn't bother bringing swim wears.

And we have a balcony cabin! How can we not take photos there? ;)
Seeing everyone happy makes me happy too!
Initially grandma was very worried that we will fall off the cruise 
but we kept telling her that it's fine and she got used to it to and dared to step nearer to the railings :)

Since there were so much time before we will reach Malacca, we went to the arcade!
Grandma joined us to play Daytona! hahahas! And her car went into the pit twice! lols!
Oh and I won my sisters okay! The photos above don't do me justice!
It shows that I'm number 2 BUT at the end of the game I caught up and was rank 1! =P

Group shot in the lift!
Love the lift mirror :)

Photos along the corridor :)
If I didn't remember wrongly, that is Noble House.

Drinks we bought onboard.
Our cards had a total of $200 credits. So we used it to buy drinks and some food :)

More photos onboard! :)

Lunch at The Pavilion Restaurant again cause my family love the food there :)
We ordered extra dishes from Noble House and Samurai Restaurant too!
Peking Duck and Tempura! :)

Photos when the cruise stopped at Port Klang!

More photos when we left the cruise :)
Then we took a cab to GF Shopping Centre.

Bought milktea there :)

Selca time :)

And we had our kiddy times lols!
The second one looks like daddy leaving daughter there to play while he go shop.


Going back to the cruise!
Else they will leave without us :(
The cruise don't wait ok!

Dinner at Mediterranean Buffet :)
The food was okok only. Still prefer the pavilion's food!

Day 3

The vast ocean!
Photo from our balcony :)
Oh and we never once caught sunrise onboard! :(
Day 2 we woke up early but no sunrise that day - too cloudy.
Day 3 we overslept :(

Our last meal onboard the cruise! :(
Time for The Pavilion Restaurant again since my family likes it so much :)

A photo with my grandma :)

More photos!

Photos taken while waiting for the cruise to reach haborfront!
Our holding area was in The Pavilion! hahas.

And that was all for our Star Cruise trip! :)

And after doing up this post, I realised one thing...
heard the food there is not bad too lehh :(
Next time? I don't mind going again if there is a chance ;)


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  2. Thank you for sharing!

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