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I'm Back In Singapore!

Saturday 11 August 2012

Yes yes I was back 2 days ago on national day! :)
* those who wants your gifts faster come arrange to meetup with me lols *

OMG how am I supposed to write my 2 months travelogues when I have yet even started on one!
But let me talk about my return trip first k.
Think that is the easiest for me to write now since it's still fresh.

3 girls, 6 luggages, 3 handcarries, 3 plastic bags, 3 bagpacks, 1 blanket lols!
Result of crazily shopping for 2 months!
My purple luggage was 31.3kg, black luggage was 31.95kg!

So how did the three of us get to the airport?
It was...
With the help of these lovely people! ♥
(Not in any specific order)

One of our housemates, our human alarm clock lols.
Our phones can never wake us up. 
He's the one who always wakes up early in the morning and wake us up! :)
Without him, we would have always been late for class.
There was this one day when he didn't come home cause he was rushing an assignment at another friend's place and the three of us woke up at 11.30am when our class ends at 1pm!
And he has a good eye for photos! The photos he take always very nice one!

Wei Da
Another one of our housemates, our houseman hahas.
The master chef in our house. 
Always making yummy food for us and making sure we won't go hungry.
All the sinful suppers were made by him too!
And he makes yummy pancakes! So gonna miss it in Singapore :(

Kuan Yee
A very funny girl to be with :) Never fails to make us laugh!
Especially when she talks about her mummy hahas.
She's also our dear shopaholic who later learnt self control =P
And she makes yummy wakame!

A very nice girl who kept asking if we needed any help in packing :)
And she is tall! I'm only same height as her cause I'm wearing my super super tall heels lols.

Tian Hao
Our driver in Las Vegas who got scared of Amelia :O
He's quite a nice guy actually. 
Drove us in Las Vegas (cause we were short of drivers) though he was not really comfortable with driving. But Amelia sounded a lil fierce when he was telling him about the curbs and stuff so he got a lil stressed out by her :( But everyone is still friends! :)

Our instagram-er! Always instagram-ing lots of photos :)
He's quite a quiet guy. Didn't really get to talk to him much though.

So thanks to these lovely people who helped us bring our luggages to the airport and send us off, 
we made it back safely to Singapore! And I just can't stand goodbyes :(
I was like "bye bye bye bye..." then when they walked behind, 
I teared and didn't dare turn behind cause I didn't want them to see me cry :(
It was really nice meeting all these people! We were so close to each other there, just like a family!
Then I just keep telling myself that we will still meet up in school so stop feeling sad about it.
And slowly stopped tearing.

And we are meeting on 2468!
24 August(8), 6pm! :)
Must remind myself! So scared I forget :(
We are not allowed to remind each other!!

Then we left LA! :(
Goodbye LA, I will miss you!
Will be back soon alright?

Onboard Emirates plane!
Their lights changes when it's day and night!
At night it looks as if there are stars on the plane ceiling!


It's so fluffy!

And that was pretty much photos that I took on the plane.
Not much photos to take too. Spent most of the time watching movies!

Then it was...


With my family ♥

First time going away from home for 2 months.
(Not considering the times I stayed in hall, cause in hall I go home every week)
And the first thing I did when I reached home was to open my luggages and give them their pressies!
More than what my sis bought for them when she went to USA for 1 semester! =P
Show you all the photos another day =P Very lazy to take the photos now hahas.

And yay! I'm a happy girl without jet lag!
On the day I came back, I slept at 10pm and woke up at 11am the next day :)
And that's exactly how I sleep during weekends/holidays hahas.
And... Next post will be an advertorial! ;)

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