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It's Been A Week!

Sunday 19 August 2012

It's been a week since I last blogged!
So what have I been up to?
I've been eating and eating!

Sis's favorite popiah in Yishun!

Lots of yummy food at my maternal grandparent's place!
Esp. Black Pepper Crab, Satay and Ginseng Chicken!
Food that I wasn't able to eat in USA =P


It was the start of the first week of school!

1st lecture of the semester!
It's 8.30am okay! And I had to travel all the way from home!
No more hall :(

Satisfied my gongcha craving with sis one fine day after school :)

Mummy's birthday! Bought a pretty cake for her :)

Met up with our dear exchange student, shiyun, in NTU!
She joined the Singapore Universities Student Exchange Programmer (SUSEP)

Passed by TJC. Had been very long since I last took bus 12 and pass by this place!
A place with lots of memories and where I got to know the merlions ;)

My first K session since I came back from USA! :)

And this was what happened today!
Food with the girls at 51 Old Airport Road!
51 beancurd and lao ban beancurd! :)

That's very much what I've been doing the past week!
Boring boring :( I MISS USA! Back there we had road trips every week!
This weekend wasn't too bad though. Got to meet my friends to sing and meet the girls to eat :)
But next few weeks will be boring :(

And hmmm... I haven't done any tutorials! Arghhh!
Still got lectures to catch up! Yes I know I know. First week only how can I be lagging right?
But surprisingly, I'm able to start lagging since week 1 zzz.

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