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Week 4 and 5 Updates :)

Wednesday 1 August 2012

I'm back with Instagram updates again!
This time for week 4 and 5! And now it's week 6 already!

We finally had yoshinoya in UCLA! :)
It's at the other part of the school where we didn't explore.

Hollywood hike!

Group photo thanks to a nice guy who was there!
He is there so often that he knows where and how to take the perfect shot with the sign!
He took many shots for us and even swap us around so the photos won't look the same hahas.
And even said he hope he wasn't mixing up the boy girl thing lols!

Left lessons halfway to slack and have salad on the grass patch in school =P

Another movie outing - The Dark Knight Rises!
There was so many shooting scenes in the show and we were all so paranoid!

Say hello to San Fransico!
Took Grey Hound to San Frans at USD$1 only!
To and fro is only $2!

Golden Gate Bridge

The Wavy Road - Lombard Street

Fishermans Wharf!
Yummy seafood time!

Yosemite Park!
Felt like a monkey at the end of the trip lols!
You will know why when I blog about it in detail ;)

Our group photo at Yosemite!

$14.99 korean bbq buffet!
And I tried soju for the first time :)
The taste wasn't bad. Easier to drink than other alcohols I've tried before.

And... That's all for the updates!
Now I've got to go back to studying!
Got an exam tomorrow and the day after.
And now I'm feeling all the sadness cause I know I'm leaving USA soon :(
Will miss this place and this bunch of nice peeps I got to know here.
We must meetup often when we are all back in SG!

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