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I've Got Mail! :)

Sunday 16 September 2012

6 packages from DHL TODAY! :)
Of course not all are mine =P
I'm not so rich ;)
And yes I received them today and immediately blogged about it!
Shows how excited I am about this shipment? :)

Here's mine!
Ardell False Eyelashes
Beauty Blender Sponge
Tarte Clean Slate Poreless 12Hr Perfecting Primer
Benefit Brow Zings
Laura Mercier Compact Foundation
Two Freebies from Sephora
Two Dresses from Forever21

Will do some reviews if I can find the time ;)

Shipped these stuffs from USA through comGateway and cause some of the boxes quite big, 
so I ended up paying slightly more :( But luckily it's still cheaper than buying in Singapore =P

Anyways here are some tips for shipping stuffs!

1. Just buy everything that you want at one go and ship them all together!
This can save you on the base price cost for the shipment

2. Note that shipment above ~250USD (not sure the exact amount) will get taxed by Singapore!
So you should know what to do to the declared value. 
Alternatively you can calculated to see if paying the tax or splitting up the shipment will be cheaper.

3. Calculate the volumetric weights yourself when it reaches Singapore!
You will not know when they might calculate it wrongly. 
For my case, the Forever21 one was overcharged!

4. Always check for discounts before shipping!
I know currently there is a 5% off international shipping rates and auto free upgrade to express shipping for DBS cardholders who use comGateway :) And first time users will get an additional $10 off!

Overall it wasn't that great an experience with comGateway. Had a little issues with them.
Googled online and found out that many had issues with Boderlinx and Vpost too.
So I guess these shipping companies are just all out to earn from you?
You just have to be smart and figure out where you can save those little little bits from your shipment!
Hope the tips helped :)

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