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Privé Clinic Bloggers Event

Tuesday 11 September 2012

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Attended Privé Clinic Bloggers Event!

What is Privé Clinic?
It is a Medical Aesthetics Clinic in Singapore! :)

The buffet for the day! :)
And as usual, JingRu, Eileen, Eileen's sis and I were the ones who started eating first.
Always no one dare to start eating first one! And we sat near the buffet table. So... hahas.

Photo of Dr. Miranda (on the left - presenter) 
with Dr. Karen Soh (on the right - who will be doing the live demos for the day)!

Why a need for facial re-contouring?

photo from google images

Youthful Appearance has been stereotyped to be = Heart Shaped Face
:: V-shape Chin
:: Slim jawline
:: Full, youthful cheeks

And facial re-contouring can help achieve all these!


 Botulinum Toxin (Botox) vs Fillers
Botulinum Toxin
:: Tradenames: Botox, Dysport, Xeomin
:: Slim Down A Large Jaw

Popular Temporary Fillers
:: Calcium hydroxyapatite, Hyaluronic acid
:: Add volume to areas that need it (small receding chin, flat nose bridge)
:: Sharper nose
:: V-shaped chin
:: Full, youthful cheeks

In the Live Demos which I will be writing about later in this post, 
Radiesse (a type of temporary filler) will be use.


FAQ: Radiesse
(the following QnAs were given on the slides by Prive Clinic)

Qn: Is Radiesse a permanent filler?
Ans: No. Although the results are long-lasting, Radiesse is not permanent. 
It is biodegraded and metabolized by the body through natural processes.

Qn: Can Radiesse be felt under the skin?
Ans: You may feel firmness at the injection site for a few days.
Over time, the material will eventually be completely integrated and cannot be felt anymore.

Qn: How long do results of Radiesse last?
Ans: Individual results are dependent on factors such as age, skin type, lifestyle, and metabolism, as well as area treated. Generally, the effect of Radiesse treatment lasts over a year for most patients.

Qn: Is Radiesse treatment painful?
Ans: Most patients find treatment relatively painless, but people experience pain differently. 
Your doctor will discuss anesthetic options with you to maximize your comfort.

Qn: Has Radiesse been properly tested and certified?
Ans: Yes, Radiesse has been approved by the leading regulatory authorities world-wide. It was approved by EU authorities in 2004 (CE Mark) and by US authorities in 2006 (FDA approval).

Qn: Are there any side effects?
Ans: As with any dermal filler, you may experience some reaction to the injections.
There may be mild swelling, pain, itching, bruising or discoloration, and sensitivity to pain.
This usually disappears after a few days.


Now for the Live Demos! :)

The things they used.
Don't underestimate these little syringes and needles.
They can really do magic and make someone prettier!

The 1st Live Demo was done on 
Sponsored Blogger - Valerie 
(Miss Singapore Universe 2011)

True that Valerie is already very pretty, 
but Dr. Karen felt that she will look even prettier if she have higher cheekbones.

Dr. Karen making markings on Valerie's face before the injections.

Photo after her left cheek (right side of this photo) got slightly injected with fillers.
Can see the injected cheek is slightly higher than the non-injected one?

Then Dr. Karen continued injecting more of the fillers on the left cheek 
and moved on to injecting the right cheek.

Valerie's before and after!
Compare and see the difference :)
Her "cheekbones" became higher right?

And Valerie didn't have any numbing cream on her before the injections!
She rated the first injection (anesthetic) 7/10 for the painfulness.
So I think it shouldn't be that painful?

Then it was a short break so the 2 lucky chosen attendees can get prepared for their live demo!

So it was...

Camwhore time! ;)

Photo with JingRu (left) and photo with Eileen (right)
JingRu was my +1 for that event.
We so happen to find out Eileen was attending the event too! :)

Now back to the Live Demos!

The 2nd Live Demo

She had numbing cream applied before that.
After the injections, she said there was no pain at all.
Initially she was still waiting for the first injection but it was over before she knew it!
She's a really pretty lady too. But what Dr. Karen said she could further beautify herself with was to having higher cheekbones and to correct her slightly asymmetrical chin (wasn't obvious actually).

Before and After!
Her "cheekbones" became higher and her chin more symmetrical!
Actually can't really tell the part about the chin in this photo have to see from the front view :(

The 3rd Live Demo

Fawn had numbing cream on her too. So she said it wasn't painful :)
Another pretty lady ;) For her, Dr. Karen recommended she add fillers to her nose (to have a higher nose bridge) and to her chin (to have a sharper chin).

Fawn's Before and After
Her change was the most!!
Her chin became alot sharper and her nose bridge became higher.
Everyone were like "OMG"-ing and saying how much we want her nose!

That was very much all that happened during the event.
I think Dr. Karen Soh is really skillful!
I got so tempted to go for fillers too! :(
(But I'm still scared of needles...)

Shall end off this post with a photo of the clinic :)

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