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[Tutorial] Galaxy Nails

Saturday 22 September 2012

As promised on my instagram...

Here is the Galaxy Nails Tutorial! :)

The amount of nail polishes used! :)
from left to right:
O.P.I Base Coat
Elianto Black Nail Polish
O.P.I Alphine Snow
O.P.I Rumple's Wiggin
O.P.I A Good Man-darin is Hard to Find
(which I got from my September Vanity Trove)
O.P.I Play 'Til Midnight
O.P.I Pirouette My Whistle
O.P.I Servin' Up Sparkle
O.P.I Top Coat

Hahas yes I'm O.P.I crazy BUT I'm starting to use other brands of nail polish too okay!

The most important thing - SPONGE!
Just any makeup sponge will do.

Step 1: Apply base coat and paint your nails black!

Step 2: Put some of the white nail polish on the sponge

Step 3: Dap the sponge on different part of your nails for each finger

Step 4: Repeat step 2 and 3 using lilac, orange and dark blue nail polishes
But it still don't look like a galaxy right?

Step 5: Apply glitter to your nails!
I had wanted to use both my glitter nail polish.
But realised that the O.P.I Servin' Up Sparkle was enough.
So I only ended up using one layer ;)

And you are done! But it's really messy right?
Or am I the only messy one? :(
But if you are just like me, no worries!
You can clean this up easily :)

Step 6: Soak a cotton bud in nail polish remover and clean the sides of your nails

Step 7: Apply top coat
And ta-dah! Nicer?

Here's the photo of the nails which I posted on instagram :)

Do comment whether you like this tutorial! 
And you can also suggest any other nail tutorials you would like me to do ;)

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