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Jurlique Counter Party

Tuesday 2 October 2012

Thanks to Kiki, I was invited to join Jurlique at their counter party!
BUT sadly, I got held up and was late for the event!
First time late for an event :(

We got briefed about different customer favourites.

They have lots of different products for different purposes and each cater to different skin types!

Now let me go through the customer favourites with you all! :)

Rose Water Balancing Mist

Rose Water Balancing Mist Deluxe Edition

Dip it with cottom wool and put on your eyes as an eye mask while you are using the other masks for the rest of your face.

Was late for the event and totally missed out on the explanation of the rose water balancing mist! :(

Now for the masks!
This was explained when I was there. So here's some tips for you all!
(I got take down notes for you all on ok)

Always make sure you are resting and relaxed when you put on any masks (even paper masks).
No TV, no housework, nothing! This is because skincares will work only when you are relaxed. That's why it's always recommended to smell the mask (for Jurlique masks cause they all have nice relaxing smells) before applying it.

Creamy Green Mask that instantly perks your skin, making it look brighter after cleansing.

They didn't talk about this o.o Or did I miss it?

For dry skin that is lack of oil and also cleanse at the same time.
White mask for dry skin, meant to moisturize the skin but at the same time has lemon and orange essential oils that perks up the senses of the skin.

A mask for combination/oily skins with occassional pimples and blackheads!
This mask has almonds and oats in it :)

Apply this as an emergency pimple treatment. Just leave it on the pimple spots overnight (only the pimples and no where else. it has to be removed from other parts of your face after 10minutes!)

This is different from the masks above and the clay masks you usually see outside!
This has vitamin E bits and sea salt in it. And it also acts as a gental exfoilation and hyrates instantly.
It's said that when it dries it will semm like there is nothing on your skin.
BUT please remember to remove it after 10minutes!
Masks aren't supposed to be used longer than the time recommended on the product.
It might get too dried up and you will feel very uncomfortable too.

Products are made in USA!
So I will choose to think that they are very safe to use :)

You can use different types of mask on different parts on your face!
Eg. Some have oily T-zone and dry cheeks

And that's very much what I learnt at the event!
Will be doing a review on some products soon :)

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