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New York Day 2

Wednesday 17 October 2012

Complimentary free breakfast at our hotel! :)
There's quite a bit of food to choose from.
And we get to make our own waffles!

The walking route from our hotel to the nearest subway station - Carroll Station.
And it was raining and cold that day! The first few days we were in New York was cold!
The last two days were less cold. Our friends who went there a week after us said it was hot there!
So lucky us! We avoided the hot weather! ;)

Our first subway ride :)
From Carroll Street to Jay St-Metro Tech!
Read my "Finding Your Way Around The Big Apple!" post to find out how you can help yourself save some money while travelling around New York! :)

New York Pass Collection
Our first destination was the New York Pass collection place!
We were collecting it on Day 2 and using it for Days 3,4,5!

Gray Line New York Visitor Center 
777 8th Ave (between 47th & 48th St.) NY 10036

You can read it to know how useful and money saving this New York Pass is!

Then we went to Starbucks to chill and plan what we want to do the next few days!
P.S there is Starbucks everywhere in New York! Or at least in Manhattan ;)

Random photos along the streets.
As mentioned earlier the streets are not that far apart.
So we kept walking from street to street :)

Then we came across a T-Mobile store!
Had wanted to enquire about the plans initially.
But they said they could do the Walmart $30 plan for us too!
So we signed up our plans there :) Really thankful for them.
Else we have to find our way to the nearest Walmart!

869 8th Avenue, New York, NY

That is the exact retail store we went to. You can always search for others if you want.

42nd Street
Then we took a subway to 42nd street!

Villa Italian Kitchen
Amelia was hungry so we had a lil snack.
3 of us shared one pizza cause we weren't hungry.
Had a heavy breakfast to prep us for the day!
The pizza was so-so only though.

Along 42nd street!

And we continued roaming and did some shopping! :)

Chipotle Mexican Grill
And soon Amelia was hungry again lols!
So we had Chipotle and it was unique and nice!
It like a burrito with rice, meat and vege wrapped inside!

Chipotle Mexican Grill - Empire State Building
350 5th Avenue #4, New York, NY

Random streets we walked by while on our way to the Grand Central Terminal.
We actually roamed alot while in New York. Thank god for our T-Mobile and google map.
Else we would have lost our way long long ago (though sometimes it did mislead us).
Their streets are actually one block apart.
So if they say it's the same avenue and one street away, it's near ;)
And you see the last photo on the right? It's a helicopter!!!
It's normal to see helicopters in the air around new york cause they have a lot of heli tours there!

Grand Central Terminal
Went to the grand central terminal!
Somewhat a touristy place. But heys! People still take Metros (railway train) there you know!

Grand Central Terminal
87 E 42nd St, New York, NY 10017

The front of New York Public Library!
In the end we never did go in :(

Build-a-Bear workshop!
It's so much cheaper compared to Singapore!

Times Square
And we made our way back to 42nd street but this time to Times Square!

Had fun in the Disney store at Times Square #kidsparadise
Felt like a little kid there and I love the princess corner! Always loved princess dresses. 
Who knows if I had saw one my size there I might have bought it =X lols.

Times Square - Disney
1540 Broadway New York, NY 10036

Street artistes!
I think they are super talented!
We never did draw one in the end :(

And oh my! We saw a street protest!
I was taking photos and thank god they didn't hit me! lols kidding.
It was a protest against some CEO for fraud and stuff.

Red Lobster
And it's dinner time!
Red Lobster recommended by aunt who recommended it to my sis who recommended it to me!
Hahas. My aunt stayed in USA for 3 years plus so she knows quite a bit about the things there.
 Felt the prices there were quite reasonable. Considering the Ultimate Feast cost only $31.75 before tax.
It's Maine Lobster Tail, Snow Crab Legs and Shrimps okay! But the meat were a lil salty :(

Red Lobster - Times Square
5 Times Square, Nyc/5  New York, NY 10036

When we were done with our dinner, we exit the restaurant and got a shock!
The whole street was full of barricades! We thought it was due to the street protest earlier.
But guess what? End up it was cause President Barack Obama was in Manhattan!
He was at one of the broadway theaters there for fundraising! Read the news here.

And end up it was very late already and we couldn't catch the free shuttle to our hotel cause it was past the time when we reached back at Carroll Street. So... we (three girls) brisk walked back to the hotel! The experience was super scary. It's like the streets there are super quite and quite dark one (cause orange colour street lights weren't that bright). And thankfully we reached back safely! :)


  1. Mmm, the waffles. It looks nice and it's making me crave it. Slurp.

  2. Hi katelyn. How much was your budget for your us trip? My friend and i wanted to go to new york. Thanks!

    1. Hello! It depends on how long you want to stay there I guess? I stayed in USA for 2 months (including 6 weeks of school) so I spent ~15k excluding my ~5k school fees. On average maybe $15-20 per meal if you dine in restaurants? Another few hundred on a new york pass? Including air tix a 7 day new york should need about 3k including air tix if you go really budget and excluding shopping? The air tix itself is quite pricey already :/ Haven't been checking the current USA flight and apartment rates though.

  3. Hi! I am planning for my trip to US next month! And can I check with you on the T-mobile plan that you signed up for?
    I went to the website, it wrote $30/month for at the same time, it is a pre-paid card? How does it work?
    And what phone were you using to activate the phone plan then? I read that it requires unlocked phone? Did you have any issue with that?