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New York Day 3

Sunday 21 October 2012

Empire State Building
Tip: Make sure you go there early and plan enough time for it!
We queued for almost an hour then we got take the Skyride. And it was about another 30minutes before we got up to the observatory! That's like the whole morning gone!
Both are free entrance due to the New York pass!

Empire State Building
350 5th Avenue  New York, NY 10118

The scenery from up up above! :)

Amelia was hungry again. She has gastric problems one so have to take small amount of food but have a few meals. So here is our break time again! Look at how small and cute their happy meals are!

Madame Tussauds
The wax museum! Free entrance again due to New York pass!

Madame Tussauds New York
234 West 42nd Street  New York, NY 10036

Took lots of photos with all the wax figurines.

The photo with Prince William and Kate made me feel really under-dressed!
And oh my! They are really tall! Felt like a dwarf beside them.
Oh yes! And I faked president for a day a minute. lols.

The New York theme area!

More photos in Madame Tussauds!
It's really a place where you can spam photos.
And the figurines all looked super real.
Oh. And slightly before these there is a haunted theme place.
I skipped that! #coward
My sister went before and ran through it and not remember a single thing about it hahas. #nobetter

Reached this shop and we were like "what?! that's all?"
But nonetheless, we can still camwhore in the shop!


No that's not the end!

Here comes the Avengers!

And they have a 4D show for the Avengers there.
Supposed to pay for it I think (not free in the New York Pass).
I have no idea how we got in for free too.

And here are the more popular stars!
Taylor Swiftt, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber ;)

Then there was the sports stars section.
And when you see superman, you know that it the end of the figurines showcase.

Reached another shop there and continued camwhoring hahas!

More photos there and the first card I found with my name on it!
Apparently Katelyn is not a common name in the states.
It's often spelt as Kaitlyn :(

Shake Shack
It's dinner time! Amelia recommended this place and we went to try it out.
The burger was fat and juicy and the chocolate milkshake was yummy!
Plus it was a nice experience to sit in a park and eat.
Anyways it was cold. Just felt like you are in an open area with aircon.
And it was out first encounter with squirrels!
The squirrels there all not scared of humans one. They even dare jump onto the tables!
And there's one photo of a korean guy feeding the squirrel.

Madison Square Park 
E 23rd St Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10010

More photos in the park!

Then we just randomly walked around the streets.
Love randomly walking! You will never get lost one.
Cause it's like paper grids! All the roads are connected.

Took the subway back to Carroll Station.

This time we made it in time for the shuttle van.
And look even the road right outside the station is so quiet!
That's all for Day 3 :)

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