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[Review] Jurlique Purely Age-Defying Ultra Firm and Lift Cream and Purifying Mask

Monday 8 October 2012

Super long title!
And yes the items which I'm gonna review today:
Jurlique Purely Age-Defying Ultra Firm and Lift Cream and Purifying Mask


Purely Age-Defying Ultra Firm and Lift Cream
Tried out the cream on my hand (see the last two photos).
So though I don't feel any difference it does look different!
I didn't realised too till I looked at the photos.
It seems like the after photo (right photo) has lesser lines!

:: Smooth
:: Non-sticky
:: Not messy to apply
:: Seems to have effect

:: Aromatic Smell
(not all might like the smell so make sure you try it out personally)


Purifying Mask
Tried this mask out and I think it's useful cause my skin feels less oily after that.
But this mask was a lil hard to apply. 

:: Clay mask for oily skin and was rather effective
:: Skin can stay oil free (not as oily) for the next few hours
:: Can do anything while using this mask (explained here)

:: Too dry, a little hard to apply
:: Aromatic Smell
(not all might like the smell so make sure you try it out personally)

Steps to applying the mask
1. Apply the mask after you cleanse your face, so your skin will be still wet and the mask will stay.
I did that but it still didn't really stay on my skin as well! When I tried the product mix at their event it stayed on my skin nicely :( So I emailed them to ask about it.

Mix the mask with Jurlique's facial mist then apply it onto your skin using a brush. 
That way it will adhere and be fully absorbed to the skin.

Here's how the mask look at the event. Think they mixed the mask with the mist to achieve this.
Cause when it was applied on my hand, it felt smooth and wasn't dry at all.
So I think it would be better to mix it with the mist and apply using a brush! :)

2. After 10minutes, remove using damp warm cotton wools
First dap the cotton wool on your skin and hold there for awhile, 
let the water soak into the dried mask, then slowly swipe it away.

I would actually love this mask a lot if it was not that dry. It has a really nice and relaxing smell!
The reason why I wrote aromatic smell as one of the cons is because I'm not sure if everyone will like that smell. Cause I'm aware that for myself, certain aromatic smells will give me headaches. But this didn't - it was calming for me :) So I actually like it a lot. I think if I had mixed it with the mist I would have loved it. But sadly I did this review at home and didn't have the mist :(


All Jurlique products use a biodynamic blends of flowers and herbs from their South Adelaide farm to complement the main ingredient of the product, so any scent from the products comes from the flowers and herbs used. Each product used a different blend, so they will smell similar due to flowers and herbs used.

It is said to be suitable for sensitive skin, as the scents is derived from natural scents of the ingredients used. However it is still recommended that sensitive do a patch test before applying the product on the entire face/skin.

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