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[Review] October Vanity Trove

Sunday 14 October 2012

October is the month to get
 with Vanity Trove :)

1. Venetrim Vein Reducing Cream
No idea where to try these on so I tried it on my hand (as usual).
It has a strong mint smell and when you blow on where is applied, it has a very cooling feeling.
 So I guess it can help relax your tired feets!
This full size item alone costs $79!
So worth it to get the Trove right?

 2. PUPA Rapid Action Volume Enhancing Lipstick (401 Red Passion)
A bright red colour as you can see in the swatches above (left without flash, right with flash).
This deluxe sample is so cute! A small lil lipstick that you can easily keep in your purse/wristlet.
It's supposed to have immediate effect and make your lips look volumized, fuller, perfectly defined and amazingly bright!

3. VMV Hypoallergenics Hydrabalance Range
 The main thing is that it is suitable for combination skin!
So it's suitable for me! Yay!
Tried both our and that area I applied on did feel smoother and softer after that.

4. Methode Swiss Thermal Oxygen Eye Range
Tried them all out on my hand and really like that they are all smooth and non-sticky!
Hate applying sticky stuffs on my skin.

5. The Essence of Nature Slimming Patch
Benefits: Absorbs waste materials from the body to aid in the following -
:: Relieve minor aches and pains of muscles and joint
:: Boost body energy
:: Improves immune system
:: Improves quality of sleep 

6. Beauty Clinic
Vita Lightbeam Essential Mask
Helps your unbalanced skin become healthier by making it resistant to stress and restoring skin balance.

For October we have not 6 BUT 7 items all thanks for Watsons for their extra freebie :)

7. Samples from DHC
(a Japan Skincare Company)
Haven't tried their products before.
But I know their collagen drinks are super popular!!

That's all the 7 items in my October Vanity Trove!
Thanks to Camy for this lovely trove :)

You can still get your hands on October's Vanity Trove at $30 Vanity Trove's Site.
And November's Subscription is ending soon! Get your November Vanity Trove at $25!
November's theme is Dream Girl and I'm so looking forward to that Trove!


Want to win yourself extra treats or vanity trove credits?

Here's what you do:
1. Test out the amazing mix of products in your trove.
2. Snap a picture of yourself with the product on. (Be Creative!)
3. Tag @VanityTrove or #VanityTrove on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram & stand to win extra treats or credits!

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