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Wednesday 7 November 2012

Attended CHANEL's Event at their training center thanks to Jocelyn!
So nice of her to bring me as her +1 :)
Not everyone get to attend CHANEL events one okay!
#exclusive lols.

The funny thing that happened that day was that we passed by the CHANEL store while we were on our way to this event. We had no intention of entering the store but the guy who was standing by the door opened the door and wanted to invite us in! hahas. We look like taitais? Is that a good or bad thing? It's a good thing if we looked like young taitais hahas.

Love CHANEL alot. Really.
Bought their foundation and fell in love with it even more.
It's just so smooth and easy to apply! Not cakey at all!

Photos with the sign before the event started :)
We got there 30mins early!

Here's how my makeup look like before the event!
Just simple foundation + eyeliner.
Didn't even use blusher lols.
And if you are wondering why I look exactly like how I look for the Talika event,
it's cause I attended the Talika event first then this Chanel event :)
Was a super happy girl that day!

Not allowed to take photos of the room.
So here's photos of the products and the stuffs on our tables for you all to see ;)

Each of us had a mirror, a box of applicants and some booklets infront of us.

That's Cecilia, one of Chanel's makeup artiste.
And she was the one teaching us the tips and doing the demo that day :)

image from google
We were told the history of CHANEL.
The creator of Chanel, Gabrielle Coco Chanel's, favourite flower was White Camellia.
It also so happened to be the flower used for their hydra series!
This flower was given to Gabrielle by her first love.
The flower was known to be able to withstand harsh weathers as it grows on high altitudes.

History aside, we then tried out their skincare series :)
CHANEL Hydra Beauty Series
image from chanel.com
All the products were non-sticky!
I love non-sticky yet hydrating products :)

Then it was makeup time!
Here comes the tips :)

First you must understand that:
Different types of lighting has different effects on your makeup
Filtered sunlight - best for dressing table
Fluorescent/neon (eg. office) - use more pink no bronzer 
Sunset - best for photography
Full sunlight (eg. beach) - apply sheer makeup
Artificial lighting (eg. dinner event)- like dinner need heavy makeup

Knowing the type of lighting you will be under will help you apply the right colours and the right amount of makeup. For example, fluorescent light tends to make your skin looks duller. So the best way is to use pink blusher and avoid using bronzer.

The 5 Steps To A Flawless Complexion
(for liquid foundation)
1. Base (Prepare)
2. Foundation (Even Out)
3. Concealer (Correct)
4. Powder (Set)
5. Blush (Sculpt)

This is the steps to a flawless complexion when using liquid foundation.
The base is actually what you commonly know as a primer :)
If you are gonna use compact foundation, you have to swap the sequence of steps 2 and 3.
Use a concealer then the foundation.

Ways to apply foundation
Fingertips (liquid foundation) - Light Coverage
Brush (compact/liquid foundation) - Medium Coverage
Sponge (compact foundation) - Full Coverage
(actually can use sponge for liquid foundation too but its super wasteful)

You do not have to apply thick coats of base and liquid foundation!
First place the product at the back of your palm then take a little,
and rub it on the clean areas of the back of your palm, then apply it on your face.

The 4 Steps To Pretty Eyes
2. Eyeshadows
3. Pencil Eyeliners
4. Mascara

Here's a zoom up photo of my eye makeup with flash.
Palette used - 37 Variation (shades of purple)
Let me know if you all want a tutorial on how to apply eyeshadows to get this look :)

Once you are done with your eyes,
end off the look with lipstick and makeup setting spray!

This is a limited edition christmas edition blusher!
Only available at CHANEL studio!!
It's a super pretty light pink glittery blusher!

image from google
Holiday 2012 collection: ECLATS DU SOIR DE CHANEL
Even their loose power has pretty glitters in it!

image from google
And there is this limited edition travel brush set! Cost $140!
I got so tempted to buy when I saw it. It looks so simple yet pretty.
After talking to Jocelyn, I realised she got tempted too hahas!
And yes the two of us gave in to temptations in the end #megasplurge.

Jocelyn and I with our gift from CHANEL :)
I'm still wondering if CHANEL has to be spelt in all caps.
Even their fb is spelt in all caps. So it should right?

Ending off this post with a photo of us with our full CHANEL makeup!

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