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New York Day 6

Friday 2 November 2012

Carnegie Deli
Had many late nights before and since we were no longer using on the New York Pass,
we decided to sleep in, wake up late and go for brunch! And sacrificing our free hotel breakfast.

Carnegie Deli
854 7th Avenue  New York, NY 10019

Plain Cheesecake
Omelete+Fried+Corn Beef
Onion Rings
total USD57.40 without tips
(could not remember how much tips we gave)

It was too much for us!
We had to takeaway half the Pastrami and the Onion Rings!
Note: their servings are super huge!

Found another card with my name in a nearby shop!

Went around to look for St. Patrick's Cathedral (cause we wanted to see how it was like).
Got lost, thought this was the Cathedral but it's not. It's some Church that was closed that day.

Passed by Hollister and Amelia wanted to shop again. So Joy and I camwhored hahas.

St. Patrick's Cathedral
Finally found the correct one. And it was having some renovations done.
But we could still enter.

St. Patrick's Cathedral
460 Madison Avenue  New York, NY 10022

Amelia wanted to stay there for awhile for some peace and quietness.
So Joy and I camwhored again hahas!

And we continued walking around 5th Avenue.
Really love walking in NYC! You can walk to every place you wanna go!
Okays it might be a lil tiring but you can!

Then we ended the day early with a little shopping at Macy's and headed back to the hotel.

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