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Finding Your Way Around The Sunshine State!

Friday 7 December 2012

Florida is also known as The Sunshine State :)
It's really sunny there BUT they do have horrible downpours too!
Here some tip for those who are travelling to Florida :)


1. What is the main thing about Florida?
Florida is theme park, theme park and more theme parks!
So those who don't like theme parks I will suggest you cut down on the number of days spent there!

2. As usual, cabs are so expensive!
a) Find hotels that have free transportations to various theme parks!
The hotel we stayed at has free transportation to Disney World (we didn't use it though - you will find out why in my next few posts), Universal Studios Orlando and Busch Gardens! I think there were a couple other free transport to other theme parks too.

b) Take the trolley
I-Ride Trolley Service for International Drive Resort Area

image from iridetrolley
So for adults it's $1.50 per ride. If you are planning on taking more than three rides, 
it will be more worth it to get the unlimited ride one day pass.
You can find more details about it here :)

3. Sick of theme parks?
Have a day or two off theme parks - go shopping! :)
I heard the one at Vineland is larger compared to the one at International Drive.
Nonetheless, you can always visit both if you want ;) Just incase some items are out of stock.
And the trolley can bring you from one outlet to another!

4. To bring an umbrella or not to bring?
image from weheartit
Always bring an umbrella or poncho with you! Especially when you are there during Summer!
And if you are bringing an umbrella, please bring a super strong one. 
In Florida (or at least Orlando), wind often comes with rain. 
You would not want to be caught in a situation with a spoilt umbrella when it rains. Do you?

It's their Summer BUT also their rainy season and their hurricane/monsoon season!
(According to wikipedia, June to September is their rainy season)
When we were there it was the rainy season period :( So yes when it rains, it was madness.
The worst thing? Their theme parks are mostly outdoor attractions and many rides had to be stopped.
So when you are going to the theme parks, go to all the outdoor attractions first! :)


That's all for this post!
Will be posting more tips in each of my upcoming travelogues :)

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