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Florida Day 2

Tuesday 11 December 2012

Took the complimentary ride from Hampton Inn to Universal :)
The first theme park we visited in Orlando,
Universal Studio's Islands of Adventure

Some photos after entering the park.
The first photo was around Port of Entry (which is the entrance).

First area we entered was 
Marvel Super Hero Island

Saw the Storm Force Acceleratron ride near the locker. But sorry, no such rides for us! Hahas.
Cause I've had motion sickness since young, always puking when taking cabs and stuff.
And it happens that Joy and Amelia don't like such rides too. So no such rides for the 3 of us! =P

Then we placed our stuffs in the locker and headed for our first ride!

Tip: It's okay to bring bags to the park. You can use the lockers for free (with a time limit).
So to save some money, just take your bags our after every ride and keep changing lockers :)
There are different locker stations near each ride. So just keep it at the one nearest to your ride.

We were in our semi-awake mode and the first ride we took was...
1. The Incredible Hulk Coaster
Hahas! That definitely did wake us up! We were walking and the was the first ride we saw so we decided to take it without even finding out what ride it was. Then to realize it was a roller coaster ride!
And I came to realize one thing. I am no longer afraid of roller coaster rides! Yay!

When I was in secondary two, even a simple roller coaster ride (without 360degrees loop) at genting highlands could scare me. My cousins and I were taking the ride and we were like "omg omg omg".

When I was in uni year one I went to USS with my friends and was super scared of the Battlestar rides!
Did manage to conquer it but was still scared. The guys went to second rounds while I didn't dare go :(

But now, it's a whole different thing! I think I can take roller coaster rides again and again and not feeling scared about it (with some exceptions - you will know when you read my six flags blog post).
I think I become more courages overseas! hahahas! Maybe cause I had the mind set to try out everything there and also maybe cause sis has been telling me that roller coasters there were damn fun.

More photos around that area :)
And if you realized I was wearing a cardigan.
The weather in Orlando is like sunny + dry and when it rains, it's a lil cold.
So I wore a cardigan (almost everyday in Orlando) hoping that my arms will not get burnt.
And it wasn't too horrible to wear a cardigan around too. 
I do that in SG as well and the weather in Orlando is definitely better than SG weather.
SG is sunny + humid + warm. It wasn't that warm in Orlando.

2. The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man
It was like a walk through Spider-Man's place followed by a 3D ride.

Then we saw people queueing up to take photos with Spiderman and we did the same hahas.
Joy and Amelia had their photos taken too. But I don't have their photo with me.
P.S that guy in the spiderman outfit was damn enthu lols.

Saw some carnival games while walking :)

Then we reached the second place,
Toon Lagoon
The word lagoon should be a huge hint to you that we will be getting wet. No?

3.Popeye & Bluto’s Bilge-Rat Barges
It's like a standard ride in every themepark! 
Sure will have a get wet ride and it's always these circular type of seats one!
Look at how wet we got. Amelia went to the washroom to dry herself up.
I removed my cardigan and kept it in my bag so it will not get wet hahas.

4. Dudley Do-Right’s Ripsaw Falls
And then... another wet ride LOL!
Another standard wet ride. The two seater boat type.

There was a Me Ship, The Olive attraction in the area.
It's actually a playground. So we didn't go there.

So area cleared. Next up:
Jurassic Park

5. Jurassic Park River Adventure
Another wet ride. Is the boat style type but a couple of people per row one.
Since we already got wet so what we had in mind was to conquer all wet rides ;)

Saw this ride Pteranodon Flyer. We thought we could use it to dry ourselves in the air.
But this ride is only for kids or can only be taken if there is one kid and one adult.

We got hungry so we settled down for food at one of the food places in Jurassic Park.
We were cold and hungry! Cold due to the air con there and our wet clothings.
Got what US is famous for - turkey leg! Look at how big it is! The 3 of us shared one.
Didn't want to eat too much when you are in a park. 
You have no idea what rides you will be taking and you will not want yourself to be puking.

Then we passed by Jurassic Park Discovery Center.
The skeletons reminded me of New York's American Museum of Natural History.

Then it was...
The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Snowman and houses filled with "snow" everywhere!
Make me think that it's winter. But sadly it is hot summer!

6. Dragon Challenge 
A high speed roller coaster ride! Those with motion sickness, please do not take this ride.
We took the blue one cause red was spoilt. So it's something like USS battlestar. One vs another.
No idea which one was the supposedly tougher ride though.
But if I didn't remember wrongly, Amelia felt a lil unwell after this ride 
and Joy couldn't even walk straight after this ride! :(

So we did a lil walking around the area and let them rest a lil first.
Joy and Amelia bought some candies from the candy store.
Those who went to the Harry Potter exhibition I think you would have seen some of the stuffs.

More photos along the streets and a long long queue at one of the eateries!
Is it really that good? Sadly we didn't get to try. We have already eaten! :(

The shop that sells all the wands, scarfs, coats and everything Harry Potter related!
I spent around USD80 here if I didn't remember wrongly.
Bought sis a Dumbledore wand (which she didn't manage to get the previous time she was there).
And I bought some keychains and lanyards for youngest sis too :)

The Frog Choir as stated on the map.
Not sure if they are always singing there. We just happen to past by and saw them singing.

7. Flight of the Hippogriff
Did not take any photos of this ride. A family-friendly coaster ride.
Joy didn't feel any motion sickness after this ride :)

8. Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey
It's a 3D ride! I got giddy after the ride. I cannot stand 3D rides that where the seats keep moving!
This ride was something about the quidditch. I can't remember we were at whose point of view.
But we were "flying" around and chasing the quidditch.

Butterbeer! It's like root beer with whipped cream?
Sis say it's a must try BUT she didn't tell me to get the frozen one!
So I got the normal one instead. 
At the end of the day then she said should have gotten the frozen one. zzz.
I want to go back and try the frozen one! Anyone want to send me to USA?
Anyways I kept the mug and brought it back to SG :) So now we have two at home.
The last time sis when there she brought one back too.

Next area:
The Lost Continent

Some photos along the streets :)

9. The Eighth Voyage of Sindbad Stunt Show
It's a live stunt show.

10. Poseidon’s Fury
It's like a story walk/tour with special effects. Quite cool and scary.
If I didn't remember wrongly, there was this part where there was a tunnel with water flowing on both sides of the walls and we have to walk though. Won't get wet, so no worries, but might get a lil giddy.
Had to tell Joy to look on the ground and Amelia and I walked her though the tunnel.

11. The Mystic Fountain
Hahas this fountain can talk! Not sure if it is always talking. But it was talking when we were there!
A very funny talking fountain!

The last stop of the loop (we went one round),
Seuss Landing

Randomly entered one of their shops.
They have lots of the The Cat in the Book characters - Thing One, Thing Two.
Was super tempted to buy for myself and my sisters Thing 1, Thing 2, Thing 3!
They have up to Thing 4 and they have the Father and Mother of all Things shirts too.

12. Caro-Seuss-el
Took this ride and it was drizzling when we were queueing up.
Joy was next to me, Amelia was diagonally behind.
It was quite a kiddy and giddy ride actually hahahas.

13. The Cat In The Hat
Since it was raining we took the indoor ride. It's like a story ride, another kiddy and giddy ride.
Be mentally prepared that the cart will rotate in circles!

Also, Universal Studios Express Pass I love you!
The three of us got express passes, that's the reason why we could cover everything in the park!
Else usually you have to queue 30mins-1hour per ride.
With the pass, you cut all queues and walk in (beside those who are queueing up) like a boss.
Cause there are two different queues for express pass and normal but the queues are side by side.

Another no to this One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish ride.
Sure giddy one! Cannot take anything that goes in circles.

Random photo with The Street of the Lifted Lorax.
I watched Lorax on the plane (can't remember which flight)!
Watched many many movies on the plane hahas.

14. The High in the Sky Seuss 
Trolley Train Ride!
Kiddy ride but I find it damn scary. I am afraid of heights!
Roller coaster are okay cause it's going so fast you won't know where you are.
But this is like moving so slowly and you can look down!

15. If I Ran the Zoo
A little playground. Supposed to insert camera there. But my camera is too big and cannot stay there.
So I took the camera with me and snapped the second shot (top right) =P

16. Doctor Doom's Fearfall
Our finale. Amelia don't take such rides so only Joy and I took it.
Then Joy told me something scary. She was saying how someone died taking this ride in Genting.
That lady's hair got stuck while the ride was falling and her head got ripped off!
I got scared but I didn't have my rubber band so I borrowed one from Joy :/
This ride was scary! A ride that you don't know when it will fall.
Amelia was sitting below and she could hear us screaming.
She said Joy was like hyperventilating or something as her scream was:
"ahhh... (short pause) ahhh... (short pause)" type.
This was the only ride that made me scream (cause scared) in Island of Adventures.
The rest of the rides were the "Whooo! Yay!" types of scream. This was "Ahhhhhhh!"

Entered a shop before exiting Island of Adventures (or already exited? cannot remember).
Cute plushies there!

Dinner at Pastamore
2 main course and 1 side dish for the 3 of us to share.
Joy needed vege so we ordered broccoli :)

Stayed there till night then took the free transport back to our hotel :)

Buys for the day :)
Landyard + keychain + time turner keychain for myself
Dumbledore's wand for sis (bin)
Lanyard + keychain for youngest sis (ling)


  1. Looks like you had a ball. We went in March. I have never eaten at Pastamore. I'm going to have to try that place out the next time I go down there.

    1. Yea! Had lots of fun there. The two pasta we had that day were a lil dry though. But the meat that came with the pasta was not bad and the broccoli was still okay :) Enjoy your next trip there! :)