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Florida Day 3

Friday 14 December 2012

Another day at Universals Studios!
So yes we took the complimentary bus ride again :)
It was so sunny I couldn't open my eyes! :(

This time it is
Universal Studios Florida

map from universalorlando

Photos along the streets :) Spot the Simpsons family.
It was a very long queue so we did not take any photos with them.

Production Central

1. Shrek 4D
My 2nd time watching :)
1st in USS :) The story plan was exactly the same!
And look at the last photo. It's Shrek, Donkey and Princess Fiona!
P.S the Donkey talks hahas. They are very funny too.

Here's the video I recorded.

2. Despicable Me Minion Mayhem
When we were there, it wasn't even official open or on our park map yet!
On this map which I recently uploaded (while doing this post) they state that it is a 3D ride.
I thought it should be 4D since the chair did move (or maybe I remembered wrongly lols)

More photos along the streets of...

3. Terminator 2: 3D
This don't have this in USS so it's my first time watching.
It's actually a mix of real life acting + 3D (unless my eyes played tricks on me hahas)
Do note that the sound effects (gun shots, etc) there were rather loud.

Didn't watch anything else in Hollywood and we continue walking and reached
Woody Woodpecker's KidZone

Passed by this spongebob shop! It's so cute. They have Spongebob and Squidward's house inside!
It's also where Spongebob has his meet & greet :)

4. E.T. Adventure
It's a ride. You will feel like you are really riding a bike cause it has pedals!
Rather pretty cause it seems like you are riding in the dark with stars (at the end).
There were aliens too. But it wasn't too scary (if I didn't remember wrongly).

We passed by Fievel's Playland too. You will feel like a mouse there cause all the decos are so big!

5. The Simpsons Ride
It's not a Woody Woodpecker's KidZone ride.
But a World Expo ride (no idea how we reached this first).
As usual express pass I love you! hahas. The queue was rather long.
I think for this ride we managed to save at least 30minutes of our time with the express pass.

6. Animal Actors on Location!
A live show with lots of cute animals! Love all the doggies. And the Pig was funny!

7. A Day in the Park with Barney
It's Barney LIVE! :) Ahhh all the childhood memories :)
And I realised I snapped a rather cute photo. Look at the lil girl in the first photo.
She was waving to the Barney statue!

Took a video during the show :) Here it is!

Sorry the video is rather blur cause it was filmed with my phone camera :(

At the end of the show, when you exit the room you will reach Barney's playground :)

8. Woody Woodpecker’s Nuthouse Coaster
A kid's roller coaster ride. And yes we took it hahahas! A lot of other adults did too anyways =P

Walked past Curious George Goes to Town too. It's a water playground!

Then we went to
World Expo

9. MEN IN BLACK Alien Attack
We took this ride twice! Very fun ride/game. It's a ride where you have to shoot aliens!
It was raining so there was lots of people queueing there (cause it is indoor)!
As usual, express pass saved us. We didn't have to queue at all.
Do note that you can only use express pass for each ride once!
We went the second time through the express pass queue cause we didn't know.
The lady there was really nice to just let us know about that rule and still let us through.
So yes! Two rides without queuing!

Then the three of us were walking around in umbrella (cause it was still raining after our second ride).
We realized many people there actually didn't bring umbrella with them! They all ended up buying ponchos in stores. But it was very expensive! So people. Please bring an umbrella out. You will never know when it will rain. Also, if you bring an umbrella bring a really strong one. The wind broke my umbrella! Thank god it could still be used (and it accompanied me throughout my USA trip).

So we walked to
San Francisco
and the rain stopped.

10. Disaster!
Didn't take any photos. There's like a few parts to it.
So at the start they will pick actors (from the public),
then the next part was that these people had to do specific stuffs
(all of which will be recorded to be used later eg. a girl screaming)
Then you will be brought to a ride where they will ask you to do things and it will be filmed too.
At the end of the ride they will show you the full video. It's funny hahas!

There, the streets of San Fancisco (photos on the right above). The floor was wet due to the rain.
That stage at is where they have their summer fireworks! We didn't wait for it cause waiting for it would mean we have to miss the complimentary bus!

Then it was
New York

11. Revenge of the Mummy
The Mummy ride, similar to the one in Singapore but longer I think.
It ended rather abruptly though (if I didn't remember wrongly hahas).

We managed to catch the full parade!
We were at New York then, so it was the starting part of the parade.

12. Twister... Ride It Out
It wasn't a ride though. It's like you stand at a platform and see what happens when there is a twister.
You will feel all the strong wind and heat from the explosions and stuff.

Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit
We didn't manage to take this. Wanted to leave as our finale for the day.
Who knows it was raining when we wanted to take it.
It did stop raining after awhile but they say it was CAT One.
I wanted to take this ride! The 90 degrees climb!
Joy and Amelia knew I wanted to take this ride so they were very nice and waited with me.
But in the end it was too long a wait and was getting late so 
I told them it's ok and we headed back to our hotel.

Healthy dinner that night! Joy and Amelia bought it for me.
Cause I was tired and have to wake up early the next day.
That was all for the day! Find out why I had to wake up early the next day in the next travelogue post ;)

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