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Florida Day 11

Tuesday 22 January 2013

Photo of the the part of the resort which I rarely walked to.

Something outside Magic Kingdom.
Never did take this and the Disney Monorail though.
Been traveling to and fro by shuttle buses.

Magic Kingdom
Back here again for round two. Check out round one here (there is also a map there).
This has got to be my favorite park amongst all 4 Disney World parks :)
Collected my fast passes!
I had wanted to go early in the morning at the time the park opens to catch an opening parade.
BUT I just couldn't wake up in time. Was really really tired after sleeping late for so many days.

Tip: When you go to Disney parks very early in the morning (when there are not much people),
You can might be able to take consecutive fast passes! I took the Mickey one, 
then realized I could take another immediately. 
So I took the Princess ones which was right beside. Then the next one was an hour later.

Joy and Amelia decided to sleep in a lil since we have covered most of the things here already.
Also, they planned to go swimming when they wake up.
I don't swim plus I didn't know they had plans to go to the pool so I didn't bring my swimwear to USA.

Main Street, U.S.A.
Went around to take photos and shop for gifts. I think I spent the most in this park.
Bought gifts like keychains, pouches, accessories for family.
And yupps I bought the Minnie Mouse ears and wore it around. #childish I know.
But I don't care. It's something that you can only do when you are in Disney!
Try wearing this on the streets now, everyone will be starring at you. In Disney it is ok :)

1. Town Square Theater,
Meet Mickey Mouse
Minnie was trying to tell me that we have the same ears!
And she kept holding my hand and kissing goodbye. Super cute :)
I think they have a device to make that sound.

2. Disney Pals visit Town Square
Met Daisy Duck. There was goofy around there too. 
But I only had time to queue for one before the next fast pass time was up :)
So I chose Daisy cause I haven't taken any photos with her ;)

3Town Square Theater,
Meet Disney Princesses
Sleeping Beauty can really talk. She talked to me for very long!
Think the first one had to be someone who can talk for very long to stall time for the other two.
My conver with Sleeping Beauty was like,
Sleeping Beauty: Where are you from?
Me: I'm from Singapore :)
Sleeping Beauty: Oh, so you travelled a long way to reach here?
Me: Yupps :)
Sleeping Beauty: Maybe you can stayover at Cinderella's castle, I'm sure she will welcome you.
HAHAHAHAS! So I guess that's the type of conversations you get in Disney ;) Very cute though =P
It wasn't the exact conversation though. I remember her talking to me about carriages hahas.

Belle was very very quite. Only said hello and that;s all. Maybe that's why there's no queue at her side?
It's like "Hello Princess", *takes photo*, "Hope you have a great day!" and that's it.

Cinderella did talk quite a bit too. I couldn't remember the exact conversation I had with her.
But it was just small chats about whether I enjoyed the place and stuff :)

More photos around the park :) Prettiest place!

A side view of the castle ;)

4. Merida from Disney Pixar’s Brave
I randomly walked by this place and decided to queue and take a photo.
It's near Adventureland if I didn't remember wrongly.
This was even before Brave was showed in the theatre!

Tip: Character Greetings are all on the Times Guide for individual parks.
The locations are stated there too. So you can pick one up when you are at the park.

5. Move It! Shake It! Celebrate It! Street Party
Caught the parade at 12.30pm. I don't always remember parade timings.
Usually I watch when I have no plans on and happen to see them on the streets.
It's easy to tell if a parade was gonna start cause the streets will be empty
and everyone will be on the side of the road.

I think I put on quite a bit of frowns in USA. NOT BECAUSE I was angry or anything.
It was cause the sun was too bright and I naturally just frown while squinting my eyes.
Sighhhhs destroyed my photos. Can be photoshopped away though. I was just lazy.


6. Swiss Family Treehouse
Just a walk through the treehouse so no queues at all!

Had wanted to meet the fairies but it was a 60minutes queue!
So I decided to give it a miss.

I love the view here! Pretty pink tree :)

7. Dream Along With Mickey
No idea why this is not stated on the map but it should be on the Times Guide.
I walked by the castle, saw a crowd and caught this show at 1.15pm.
Initially I was planning to catch one at a later timing.
But since I was free, why not? ;)

Photos nearby the castle. I love the last photo I took! ♥


8. Chip and Dale (Out of This World Friends)
Here something cute happened again.
Was taking photos with Chip and Dale and after the photo,
Dale held my hand and walked me away and waved goodbye to the others!
LOLS! And there was a long queue there!
Then the photographer was like "Dale, what are you doing?"
Then Dale held my hand and "he" kept making the kissing sound hahas.
I say "he" cause that mascot wasn't really tall and 
I got a female friend who used to be one of the Chip and Dale mascot!
Then of course "he" led me back to collect my camera and wave goodbye to me.
Whoever was queueing, sorry I think I held up the line for very very long.

This interesting "rubbish bin" that is a robot which moves around and I think it talked too?
Definitely got lots of kids and adults interested in it ;)

Then I went to

Mad Tea Party which I did not take.
By now all of you should know I don't take such rides right?

The back view of the castle! There is a room there for little girls to dress up to look like a princess!

9. Mickey’s PhilharMagic
A 3D movie. Quite cute ;) A very short movie with mickey and band.

A random sword I found =P

10. Celebrate A Dream Come True Parade
Initially Joy and Amelia had planned to join me at 2plus pm.
But Amelia had gastric. We were telling her to rest in the resort first.
Then Joy came to find me while Amelia napped after taking her medicine (I think).
And Joy got held up really badly and ended up missing this parade :(
Thought she could catch it cause they haven't seen any of the day parades in Magic Kingdom.
But there was this important person coming to Disney World and held up the whole traffic.
None of the shuttle buses were going around! Joy had to wait for hours for a bus :( Poor girl.
When she entered they gave her a fast pass which she could use for anything she wanted to.
Which she later used for a meet and greet with Mickey and Minnie.

After this shot I removed my Minnie Mouse hairband cause the wind almost blew it away! :(

Then Joy arrived after hours of wait for the shuttle bus.
Poor girl, she must have been really bored when waiting for the shuttle bus.
Plus she had to wait under the hot sun!
When she reached, it was drizzling and very soon it became a downpour!
That's how crazy the weather can get.
We took a bus together to Downtown Disney :)

Here's how Downtown Disney looks like in the late afternoon.
You can see how it looks like in the dark here (there is a map there too).

The lego shop there and the huge lego dragon in the water.

Finally lunch here!
Sis recommended this restaurant too cause she was saying that it is really cool.
It is indeed =P Normally the dinos aren't moving but when it turns red, the dinos come "alive"!

Took a video in the restaurant when the dinosaurs were "alive"!

An experience to eat in such a place ;)

Then food came!
The lasagna came cold, had to request for it be warm up :(
I felt full after eating my portion of all the food.
The portion of the combo was not very large but filling enough for me when I am traveling.

Before Amelia came they did ask if we were ready to order.
But we were still waiting for Amelia so we said to wait a lil longer.
When Amelia came, they took awhile to come to us.
And the food took rather long to come!
Problems you have when you eat in a popular dining place.

More photos around Downtown Disney.
You can spot many cute lil girls dressed as Disney Princesses there ;)
Cause there is a makeover place in World of Disney!

The four entrances of World of Disney.
Btw, the Stitch squirts water at random times.
Did some shopping there!

Then we head back to Magic Kingdom :)

11. Rapunzel from Tangled
Met her while Joy and Amelia were meeting the Disney Princesses. She was right across the street ;) 
Was really lucky to be the last one meeting her before she went for a break.
They told me Rapunzel was going to have a break so I have to wait for about 15minutes.
So I requested if I could meet her before she go for her break.
They asked if I was asking for autographs or just talking photos.
Since I was just taking photos, it won't take long and they let me meet here first :) Yay!
Else it will end up with Joy and Amelia waiting for me. 

When I went back to find Joy and Amelia, Joy wanted to ask if we could use the fast pass that she receive to meet Mickey together. But they didn't allow. So we told Joy it's okay and ask her to go ahead and meet Mickey and Minnie while we waited for her outside.

12. Main Street Electrical Party (9pm)
Caught this parade again at 9pm but we didn't stay till it finished 
since we have already watched it before.
So we started walking to our secret spot ;)

Yay! Good spot with no heads in front of me.
Girls it will be our secret spot okay? :)

Tip: For the others, I have an equally good spot to share with you.
It's along the main street, right in front of Casey's.
There you will see the full castle and also not have many heads infront of you as well.
Cause many people will be rushing to the castle front.

13. The Magic, The Memories, and You!
The 9.45pm show where they show lots of photos of people who visited the park that day,
people who took photos using the Disney Photo Pass.
The photos were so small I couldn't tell if I appeared on it.
But for a moment I really thought I saw someone in a rainbow jacket!

*An awkward silence*
Okay it was the interval as next up was the grand fireworks show!

13. Wishes nighttime spectacular
The usual 10pm show :) Not sure if the time did change.
But you can always check the map for the timings.
I love how the smoke always clear very quickly!
Sadly it rained that day too so it had quite a bit of smoke.
But still not that bad ;)

Usually after the fireworks you will see us going back to the resort right?
But this time nopes we are gonna stay!
Purposely picked this on that day cause they had extended park hours that day!
It was all pre-planned on the very first day ;)
We had checked which park had extended park hours on which day and plan our dates.

Not all the rides will be open though.
But they will state which is close.
So we purposely left those, which will be open, for the night ;)

14. The Barnstormer
It is a roller coaster ride. Considering the fact that I could snap a decent shot, it wasn't that fast?
It did have some twisting and turning though. So I guess that was a lucky shot =P
It was definitely windy and cooling during the ride! All the wind on your face!
I think I sat on the first row :)

The parade again! We checked around and I think they said the shops closes at 11pm though the park closes later. So we quickly did some last minute shopping before the shops there close!

15. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
It's like the story I read when I was young!
The one about A Hundred Acre Wood getting flooded and stuff.
I like this ride cause I thought it was rather cute ;)

16. Peter Pan’s Flight
A cooling indoor ride with cute views ;)
It was totally dark inside so I could snap any decent photos.
But inside you will feel like you are in the air and you see small lil towns below.
I didn't want to take any photos with flash to spoil the view.

That was all the rides which we did not take the previous time we were here.
All of them were in Fantasyland!

Our last group shots for our Disney World 2012 trip!

Photo with my Minnie Mouse hairband and Joy's big Mickey :)

That was all for our whole Disney World trip.
Really enjoyed myself a lot. Felt like I was a kid again =P
I love Disney! ♥

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