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Florida Day 9

Thursday 10 January 2013

Disney's Epcot

park map from wdwinfo.com

Let the hotel alone early in the morning before Amelia and Joy woke up.
Met up with them slightly later cause I was there to do some shopping first.
I think we had initially agreed to sleep in for the day cause there wasn't much at Epcot.
Sis wanted me to help her look for a photo album cause she collected all except the Epcot one.
Searched the entire place for her (entered all shops), but sadly it was limited edition and was sold out :(

If not for the photo album that my sister wanted, I would not have gone so early.
Also, if not for the fireworks, I would not have stayed till so late =P
Didn't wake them up early in the morning cause I know both of them were really tired already.
It's like theme park + crazy shopping non-stop ever since we came to Orlando.
So I didn't want to waste their time to search for the album with me.
Did some walking and snapping of photos around too.
Cause Joy and I could tell that Amelia don't really like to take photos.
So snap snap before they come so as not to waste their time :)
But what Amelia said was right, I should have told them the night before,
instead of leaving them a msg on the day itself (when I left early). Sorry girls! :(
But I actually didn't really plan to leave early. I woke up early and couldn't go back to sleep I think.
Or I got woke up by a message or smth. Can't really remember too.
Anyways, back to the park!

Only walked in and snap a couple of photos.
Sort of like a place for kids to learn?
Anyways I only entered cause I went the wrong way hahas.

Passed by a fountain.

One of the shops I entered there.
Pretty princess outfits but sadly don't have the photo album sis wanted.

All gassy drinks! *burppp* hahas.
Okays at least you get to try drinks from different countires!
All tasted okay except for Italy one! OMG! It was bleahhh!
It tasted like alcohol, minus the real alcohol level plus gas.
Favorite was Mozambique's Ginger Ale :)

Random photos along the streets.
There you can see part of the
World Showcase
across the water.

Passed by this too.
Not sure if it is a permanent thing there.
But I doubt so since it wasn't even on the map?

There was this totem right outside Canada :)

United Kingdom

The World Showcases were all side by side I have no idea where I was already LOL.
But I think this area was still the United Kingdom area.
Then yes, I visited another shop and a couple others earlier.

Went to
Future World West,
The Land
Met the girls here to collect fast pass for Soarin'.
Then we went to catch...

1. Living with the Land
A simple boat ride where you get to see greenhouses and a fish farm.

2. The Circle of Life
A short film featuring characters from "The Lion King".

I would say both weren't that interesting :(

Then it was
Future World West,
The Seas with Nemo & Friends
since they were side by side.

3. The Seas with Nemo & Friends
So you sit on this clamshell seats called "clamobile"
and view the aquariums along with some animations of Nemo & friends.

Next up,
Future World East

4. Spaceship Earth
It's four people to a cart so I sate infront while Joy and Amelia sat behind.
I think there is this part where the screen will prompt you to take a photo.
It's for a video at the end of the ride!
Spot the three of us on the huge screen after the ride! :)

5. Mission: SPACE Green
I hate the feeling of g-force but this was still manageable.

Sis told me to try eating here and request for seats near the aquarium!
You will feel like you are eating underwater. 
But sadly it was fully booked for dinner (when it was only early noon).

Joy and Amelia's fast passes for Soarin' was earlier.
So we parted here first.
Thought of meeting later but after that they were tired and went back to rest.
So I went back to the World Showcase :)




Saw funnel cakes and decided to buy one to try.
It tasted like fried bread? Sis said it would have tasted nicer with ice cream.
But it was raining and cold that day! How to buy with ice cream?
Plus she didn't tell me earlier too :(
I think the sugar one taste normal though. Not extremely nice or anything.
Hid at The American Adventure to have my funnel cake cause it was pouring!

Took the ferry ride from one point to another.
It was still raining! Bleah! I hate it when you are in the park and it rains! :(

6. Mission: SPACE Orange
I can't remember but I think this ride Joy and Amelia didn't take.
This ride really no joke! I didn't feel good after that. The g-force was horrible!
Cause I remember messaging them after this ride, telling them not to take it if they haven't.
Joy won't be able to take the g-force cause she got motion sickness!

Took the ride again since I've got some time and also cause I took the previous one in Japanese.
I was busy placing my bag on the floor and stuff and missed the screen asking me to choose my language. It ended up being set as Japanese. 
Thoughout the whole ride I had no idea what it was saying LOL!
At the end of the ride you can send the postcard to your email too!
I sent a postcard but I have no idea where it went to.

Here is my video which I took after my ride.

A video of my video ;)

7. Soarin’
I have no idea why so many people are after the fast pass for this ride.
It was running really quickly. But I didn't find the ride that interesting.
I guess the "free-flying hang gliding adventure" scammed everyone.
I thought it was gonna be sort of a thrill ride!
That's what you get for not looking at what each legend meant.

Okays so there is this huge screen infront of you,
your seats will sort of "fly" (whole row together),
and you get to see views of many places around the world.
But it just feels different when you cannot experience it yourself.
Plus the ride made me a lil dizzy :(
I don't like rides that will move around when I have to watch something.
It was really cooling though. Cause I wore slippers and have to remove it.
Thus I was "flying" barefooted" hahas and there was wind blowing below.

8. Epcot Character Spot
I guess this should be my favorite part in Epcot? On par with the fireworks.
I'm like a kid in Disney World! Love taking photos with the characters!
Pluto was so cute. He was dancing around with me =P

It was still raining! Had to bring my umbrella around.
Think Epcot was the most boring park? Cause there was no thrill rides.
Maybe also partly cause it kept raining when I was there.



9. Maelstrom
Took this ride in Norway.
Just another boat ride for you to experience stuffs.
Guess what they showcase are things in Norway?



Random photos I took along the way.


Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizzeria
Dinner time! Here also have to make reservations one else it might be full.
It is the second place sis recommended me to eat at.
She said the pizza here was not bad and the Calamari was yummy!
I had to cancel my pizza order cause I didn't know that the Calamari serving was so huge!
Luckily the lady there was really nice and help me cancelled it, gave her more tips in the end :)
BUT the Calamari Fritti was really yummy! It's fried but not the oily type and the sauce was unique ;)
I came here alone cause Amelia and Joy were tired and wanted to go back to rest early.
Understand how tired they were cause they are not the theme park kind of people.
Really thankful that they accompanied me to all the parks already.

11. IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth
I love their fireworks! I think it is more colorful than the ones in Magic Kingdom.
But I prefer Magic Kingdom's way of having fireworks with music,
instead of Epcot's way of having fireworks with sort of a story.
Plus it rained that day :( So not many nice photos.
I think everytime it rains, the air gets humid and lots of smoke will be produced?

Here is the video I recorded.

As usual, I used my phone to record.

The Epcot icon looks so pretty at night!

It was very late by the time I came back to the hotel.
That's all for this post! :)

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