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[Review] Jacqueline Burchell

Friday 18 January 2013

I not sure if all of you here heard of this brand before.
They are a Singapore based cosmetics manufacturer that specializes in Nail products and have over 250 Nail Lacquer colours in their catalogue. Note that their speciality is Soak Off Gel Polish, which they have over a 1000 colours for their customers to choose from! Their products are easily found in many Nail Salons around the country. Most importantly, they are one of the safest products on the market as all Jacequeline Burchell products have been tested and verified by the swiss certification firm SGS to be safe from Toluene, Formaldehyde and Dibutyl Phthalate!

Here are some shades I swatched!
They are normal nail lacquers not soak off gel polishes.
I've linked each of the colors to the direct product link so you can take a look there too :)

Initially I thought it was gonna be a simple and plain ivory color.
But to my surprise, it was such a unique and pretty ivory color with a blueish tint in it!

A simple nude color.
Definitely something that will not go wrong for work ;)
Love how smooth looking they are.

A pretty dark/slightly hot pink color. Really pretty.
A little sheer but even after applying 3 layers to get this color, I don't feel that it is too thick!
My second favorite color! :)

Think this is a nude color that is more true to normal nail colors?
It will look like you have really healthy pink nails!
Suitable for working or when you don't want people to know that you have nail polish on ;)
Smooth and easy to apply.

Love the turquoise color and also how they have square glitters instead of normal ones.
But it can be a little hard to apply and it is rather thick and no so smooth.

See so many photos above? Cause it is my favorite color!
The first photo was without top coat.
Look at the last two photos. They look so pretty after I applied top coats!
A pretty, slightly oxblood red color!
In a dark room lighting,
you will see that it looks like a very dark oxblood red.
In a brightly lit room
you will see that it looks slightly brighter (still oxblood red) but the red glitters become more obvious.
Under the sun or under strong direct lightings
you will see a bright red nail polish with red glitters.
I love this nail polish color very much! It has been on my nails for a week plus with very little chips.

I don't normally apply cuticle oil.
But this has vitamin E and olive oil in it!
Must be really good for the nails ;)

It's slightly thicker than normal base coats but it has calcium in it!
Very unique right? I've never seen calcium base coats before.

Just like normal top coats.
Couldn't really tell the difference. But good thing is they come in small bottles.
I hate how I am always not able to finish my nail polishes and they end up drying or spoiling!

Here is a photo of No More Excuses.
Looks really dirty right? Cause I helped out with painting of the walls at home!
The white/blue-ish parts are not scratches. They are paints left on my nails.
You realize how there wasn't any chips even after doing all the rough works (painting, climbing, etc)?

Those who knows me well should know that nails polishes cannot stay on my nails for long.
Itchy finger girl here will always somehow scratch and peel them away.
But the nail polish "Behave!" has been on my nails for close to two weeks and I haven't been able to peel them off! They are like stuck to my nails but yet can be easily removed using nail polish removers!
I love how lasting these nail polishes can be! Yay!
Plus I love how smooth their nail polishes are (with exception of tangled in seaweed).
Can't help but keep touching my nails when I had those nail polishes on :)

Remember to check out their shop here!
If you only wish to buy one, I really really highly recommend the color "Behave!"
But why buy one when there are so many pretty colors right?
May all of you have pretty pretty nails! :)

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  1. was your 'tangled in seaweed' gloopy as well? mine was too thick, it was if there were only glitters in it :/