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Happy 6th Birthday Nuffnang!

Tuesday 19 February 2013

Yay! It's going to be Nuffnang's 6th Birthday!
And of course there is going to be a 6th Birthday Bash :)

It has been a year plus since I joined Nuffnang.
If I didn't remember wrong, I joined Nuffnang the moment my blog was created.
I mean since I'm gonna start writing a blog, why not add in an avenue to earn money right?
BUT... I didn't expect Nuffnang to give me so much more opportunities!
Contest, Movie Tickets, Events, Advertorials, Parties and more!


In August 2011, I participated in the Cars2 contest and won a pair of tickets to watch Cars 2.
There was even a photobooth there for us to have our photos taken as it was a gala premiere! :) 
Brought my sis along to the event and even blogged about it here. The first Gala Premiere I attended :)

In September 2011, there was the Fright Night contest and of course I participated in it too ;) Won tickets and brought sis with me again and blogged about it here. This time round no photo booths but I definitely did enjoy the show. Had a love-hate relationship with it as it was both funny and scary lols. Sorry if the photo scared you hahahahas!

Next was a ciNE65 contest where I had to blog about "If Singapore is a person, who will she be". Won the consolation prize and gave the tickets to sis and grandma :) I even blogged about the prize collection LOL! Last time I really can blog about anything one hahahas.

In late September 2011, there was another contest, Real Steel contest. Guess what? I won the tickets but I missed it cause I didn't check my email! Now guess when I watched the show? In May/Aug2012 when I was on the plane! It was such a nice show and I actually didn't watch it in the cinema! Plus they had the robot there on the day of the gala premiere! My goodness. Lesson learnt. Now I always try to check my emails daily.

Of course I don't always win. There were two incidents where I didn't win in the contests I joined. The TDF contest and Kaplan contest. Was very upset then. Had to blame myself cause I didn't put in much effort into those posts. BUT now I choose to believe that it's because better things are coming along the way ;) Cause next up...

In Feb 2012 I join Nuffnang's 5th Birthday contest and won! Attended Nuffnang 5th Birthday Bash and made lots of new friends! It's actually one of the few blogger events that I participated then. Had the chance to meet famous bloggers like XiaXue and Valerie. And of course, to meet our boss too hehex. So of course I want to attend Nuffnang's 6th Birthday bash! I want to attend their birthday bash every year! :)

Update: Won't be able to join this year. Will definitely want to join next year's! Reason at the end of the post.

In Mar 2012, I participated in the "Make It Right For A Better Ride" contest and won $100! *throws confetti* Btw, that was the suggestion I gave to queueing outside the train door. Some people really do queue. Always hate it when someone just appear out of nowhere when the train arrives.

Then I joined The Avengers contest and didn't win. But I got to watch it with my friends! :)

Next up was the Genting contest. I won, could bring someone along with me. But guess what? It ended up clashing with something and I had to reject it! Mega cries! I wanted to go there, to get away from all the heat in Singapore and have a short getaway.

Was very thankful that I received a number of sponsored posts from Nuffnang! Got to work with NDP68SG to do a blogpost for "The Day It Rained On Our Parade" and learnt stuffs from them. To tell you the truth, I never knew such a thing happened. So knowledged gain ;)

Next was a sponsored blogpost for Prive Clinic. Learnt lots about aesthetic enhancements and yes it got me tempted to go for one. Till now I haven't gone for any yet. But I'm really really tempted LOLS. I believe my dad will kill me if I go for one though.

Then the 7-Eleven contest which sadly I did not win. And also, the Wreck-It Ralph contest which I won and didn't manage to attend cause I knew I wasn't gonna be able to reach on time. So why not give others a chance right. I gave up the tickets the moment I was informed. Btw, those contests that I won and didn't attend, all of which I gave up immediately (except the one I didn't check my email) cause I knew I wasn't going to be able to attend the event and didn't want to hog the tickets and end up wasting them!

Next up, December 2012 I participated in the USS contest and won cause I made it into top 5 :) Went to USS with sis again. Always the same sister attending events with me lols. The other is forever so busy. Blogged about my first time in USS at night :) It was USS's Hollywood After Party!

Through Nuffnang, I had a chance to work with BRANDS on a sponsored blogpost and giveaway for Christmas :) My first time using gif for blogposts :)

Also had a chance to do a sponsored blogpost for Samsung's New Laundry Ecobubble Technology. That video they had was really really interesting! I think Samsung has the best advertising videos! I watched another one that was about their newest thin screen, folded or roll up phones.

And with Feecha for another sponsored blogpost. P.S It's a cool app hahas. I really dig everywhere I went. Hoping to find some prizes ;)

Lastly, just a few days ago, I participated in the Nikon 1 J2 contest! I WANT TO WIN THIS REAL BAD! I really really really want a new camera! Please let me win! Hahahas.


And that sums up all the opportunities that I get all thanks to Nuffnang! 
Thank you Nuffnang for all these opportunities!

I want to be part of Nuffnang’s 6th Birthday Bash at Ballymoons!

I wrote this post wanting to attending the birthday bash.
Then... I remembered that I got laser treatment on that day!
I'm not sure if I will end up looking like a lobster.
But even if I don't, I won't want to apply makeup after a treatment.
My policy is that no makeup after facial/treatments.
Cause I believe that's when all the pores all open.
Katelyn's logic hahahas.
So yupps got to give this event a miss :(
I know you all will say that I can just shift the date.
But DRx clinic is really good and popular.
If I shift my slot, I wonder when will be the next available slot :(
So... I shall wait for Nuffnang's 7th Birthday Bash next year!

I believe and I hope there will great stuffs from Nuffang to come! ♥
Once again, Happy 6th Birthday Nuffnang!


  1. Wow, it sounds like nuffnang gave you so many awesome opportunities. Too bad I'm not blogging from Asia-Pacific, it sounds wonderful!

    1. They are expanding to other regions too. I'm sure one day they will go to yours and you will be able to join! :)